Does Carmex dry out your lips

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Carmex contains salicylic acid which was used in the original purpose to dry up cold sores, so yes it can make lips dry. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Does Carmex dry out your lips?
I have heard that if you stop using it, it will.
Is Carmex really for dry lips?
Last I heard, Carmex is for cold sores because it’s active ingredients dry things out. So, usually when someone uses Carmex, they end up having to put it on their lips all the time. Of course you sound like you were having lip problems, any…

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Does Carmex dry out your lips?
A: I have heard that if you stop using it, it will.
is it true that carmex really makes your lips dry so you will go and buy more?
Q: like it moistureizes at first but then it gets dry later?
A: No, that’s a myth.People just get so used to the product that they end up using it more and more, and also forget to use other moisturizers on their lips.There are no addictive properties in any sort of lip balm.
I have extremelly dry lips and carmex doednt help…what should I use?
Q: I have tried carmex and chapstick and neither of those two things really help the problem….is there anything else I could use.
A: Use something with Lanolin in it. ie. Burt’s Bees….
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