Does drinking water help a sore throat

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Honey really helps a sore throat, just mix it with some hot tea or lemon water! Gargling with salt water also really helps! ChaCha [ Source: ]
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Do eating sweets and drinking cold water make sore throat worse??
I personally think cold water aggravates it more. Sweets maybe because of the sugar but the truth is, when I have a sore throat, I’m usually sick so I don’t feel like eating anything. 😛
Why do I always get a sore throat from drinking water out of a gl…?
If it is from the same restaurant or pub it could be the glasses are not cleaned well enough or they use a dirty cloth full of bacteria. Hopefully this is not the case in your home – if it is change your cloth and use washing up liquid and …
Is it ok if I drink water when having a sore throat??
Drink soup, that may help, since it is saline-like and it will go down more easily. Since you have difficulty swallowing cold things. Also, gargling with warm salt water is helpful. Sounds like you have strep throat. The salt acts as a natu…

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Why do I always get a sore throat from drinking water out of a glass?
Q: If I drink bottled water, I’m fine. However, if I drink water from a glass, I ALWAYS get a sore throat, even though we use a water filter and replace it regularly! Sometimes the sore throat only lasts a few hours, but this time it has been lasting two days.Does anyone know why this could be? It’s just my luck that I got a sore throat just before finals week…
A: probably because your weird. =)
Why does my throat feel sore and closed up after drinking alcohol?
Q: Last weekend I drank and then Monday my throat felt very tight and sore. Drinking water only makes it worse. I am wondering if it is dehydration. I am not sure but after drinking this weekend I am having similar issues.
A: Alcohol can cause dehydration disrupt cell function throughout the body, making you feel sick, or hungover, when any intoxication wears off. The amount needed to trigger a hangover depends partly on how much you’re used to drinking: As little as one or two glasses of wine, for example, can leave some people feeling wiped out if they seldom drink at all. This will make your throat sore and tight, see your health care provider, if your throat problems persists after one week. And good luck.
Why does my throat get scratchy and sore after drinking cold water from the fridge?
Q: I have to drink room temperature water everyday. if I drink water straight out of the refrigerator, that makes my throat scratchy for like 15 minutes..sometimes depending on if I have a runny nose, that cold water will make my throat sore also. the same issue i have with eating cold cantaloupe…especially honeydew…it cannot be too cold otherwise it causes me scratchiness in the throat. if i leave it at room temp or put it in microwave for 5 seconds, then its okay. I can drink milk and juices out of the fridge and they don’t really give me that scratchy throat so it’s weird. anyone else drink cold water and have your throat acting up?
A: I highly recommend a humidifier. Usually when this happens, it is the dry air surrounding you that causes this and the skin tightens, therefore shrinking the muscles. The best advice I ever received is hard candy, believe it or not. Drinking very cold water all the time is not good anyway, it should be room temperature or slightly above and between 45-60 degrees, never freezing. You’re doing yourself a favor with room temperature water, I do that. If you really need cold water to drink, use a coffee cup with a couple ice cubes and pour some water from your water bottle, the insulation will help as time goes by. Hope my words have helped.
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