Does getting wisdom teeth pulled hurt

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Getting the teeth pulled should not hurt if you have proper anesthesia. The two days afterwards, though, can hurt. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Does getting your wisdom teeth pulled hurt?
Since you’re only getting 1 pulled, it shouldn’t be too bad. Depending on how hard it is to get your tooth out, you might still be a little sore still when you start school. I had all 4 at once and they were very hard to get out, but only w…
Getting 4 wisdom teeth pulled… will it hurt??
You shouldn’t feel anything while they are being taken out. You may be sore afterwards & may need to take some pain meds. It can take some people a while to heal. The dentist can recommend something or give you a script.
What Hurts More, Getting Wisdom Teeth Pulled Or Getting Your Teet…?
Title asks it all. My dentists suggested to me that I should remove my wisdom teeth (or the big teeth in front of it, not sure which one they were talking about) pulled out, and put braces in, because my lower jaw’s teeth are sticking out a…

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Does getting your wisdom teeth pulled hurt more than getting a cavity filled?
Q: Does getting your wisdom teeth pulled hurt more than getting a cavity filled???
A: Yes.Having a filling should be pain free. You should feel very very little if anything. Maybe just a little vibration.Having a tooth extracted requires a lot of pressure be applied to loosen the tooth. Freezing does not block the feelings of pressure. Some people find it hard to not interpret that pressure feeling as pain.
Does getting your wisdom teeth pulled hurt?
Q: Im getting my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out soon,thankfully not all at the same time.I was wondering if they’d hurt.
A: Yes it does. I had all four of mine (which were impacted) out at the same time. You’ll get over it. Don’t be scared and good luck to you.
How bad does getting your wisdom teeth pulled hurt?
Q: my wisdom teeth have been growing in for the past year or so and i have no clue when i’m getting them taken out. i know that it’ll hurt, but how bad?
A: not that bad if the dentist gives u lots of drugs to make u feel better!!!
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