Does it hurt getting your tonsils taken out

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Getting tonsils taken out can get a bit irritating after the surgery is done but won’t last very long. Thanks for ChaCha-ing. [ Source: ]
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Does it hurt to get your tonsils taken out?
It wont hurt while they are removing them as you will probably be knocked out with drugs. it will however hurt to talk and even swallow afterwards no it does not…but you can’t speak for a few days…and you’ll only be able to have soup, w…
Does getting your tonsils out hurt?
My daughter had hers out when she was 16 and yes it hurt. The Dr. told us since they needed to come out, it is better to do it the younger you are. The older you are, there is more pain. They took really good care of her, giving her all the…
Does having your tonsils out hurt?
I had my tonsils out when I was 7 (42 years ago) I was put to sleep with gas. Speak to the anaesthetist who will talk you through the process of a general anaesthetic. He/she will listen to your fears and do what they can to ease your mind …

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How bad does it hurt when you get your tonsils are taken out?
Q: I am getting my tonsils taking out this summer! AGHH i am so scared! i am 13 so is it going to hurt reeallly bad or like no worse than a badd sore strep throat? like i have never had sugery so i am really scared…. but can anypne relll me about what happened with them or any refrencess.
A: Do only thing that really happens is when you wake up.Your throat is killing you. I was only 7 when I had mine out and it was just fine.xxxxxHope I helped…(:
does getting your tonsils taken out; hurt?
Q: help!
A: while you are having this done you will not feel a thing. afterward you might feel discomfort for a few days and not able to eat very much, usually you get lots of ice cream…..the doctor will most likely give you some medicine for the discomfort
Does it hurt a lot to get your tonsils taken out?
Q: I have to get my tonsils taken out. Im kinda scared. Can you please tell me how much pain I should expect. What the best thing to do after they are out to releive the pain. Thanks for your info!
A: It hurts like a sore throat would hurt, but they have medications to give you for pain. Afterwards – and I know this will be hard….you get to eat lots and lots of ice cream!
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