Does milk help with spicy food

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Yes. Drinking milk rather than water is a more effective way to quench the fire caused by spicy foods such as hot peppers. [ Source: ]
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Why does milk Help with spicy food?
Because water spreads around the heat and milk products stops it.
Why does milk help with eating spicy food?
yes its true. it works for relieving acid heartburn as well as the milk is alkali and will neutralize the acid in spicy food and excess stomach acids. Milk will more effectively relieve the burn on your tongue than water. The reason for thi…
How does milk ease the “hotness” of spicy food??
I finally found the answer. Capsaicinoids are found primarily in the pepper’s placenta, the white “ribs” that run down the middle and along the sides of a pepper. Because the seeds are in close contact with the ribs, they are also often hot…

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Does soy milk neutralize hot spicy food?
Q: I know normal milk does, but since im lactose intolerant all i drink is soy milk now.
A: It can, I once had over did the thot chili paste and oil on the tables of chinese restaurants, and got a glass of the raw type they serve in those places, I often drink a lassi at Indian restaurants, now you can make them with soya milk, with soya milk, soya yougart and ice cubes blended in a blender for a milkshake like drink.
Why does milk Help with spicy food?
Q: Im was wondering what is in milk thats helps with spicy food!..why is milk help cool down the tongue?
A: Because water spreads around the heat and milk products stops it.
Why does milk take the burning from spicy food out of your mouth?
Q: I’ve always wondered that…Any answers?
A: because of the lactose which is the milk sugar.
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