Does saliva help heal cuts

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No. It is sometimes said that the bacteria in saliva helps heals cuts, but contrary to that belief, saliva (spit) can cause infection. There is enough bacteria on the skin and other places to cause infection – no need to add more. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Does saliva help a cut.?
This is a tricky question as saliva it’s self is an antibacterial, that’s why cats and animals lick their wounds. However if one person bites someone else than your saliva works as lets a poison, helping cause infection. So if it is your wo…

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Does a dog’s saliva have healing properties on human cuts or abrasions?
A: Only bitches. My dog is a mother, and I got a big scratch. Before I went to bed my dog licked it, and when I woke up it felt better.
Dog Saliva heals cuts?
Q: Seriously though I know this sounds strange but in the past someone told me this and I think it may be true because the last few times I’ve had a bad skinned up knee, my short dog would come over and lick my booboo and the sting would go away and it seems to heal so much quicker too!!! So I am nuts right? LOL
A: Dog Saliva heals cuts? Nope that is a myth. A dogs mouth is full of bacteria, that is why dog bites infect so easy.
If a dog licks my cut can it’s saliva help my cut heal faster?
A: No, that’s just an old wive’s tale. Just keep it clean, put some antiseptic on it, and bandage it.
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