Does taking birth control make you fat

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Some women do experience weight gain when they take birth control. Other side effects are nausea and mood changes. ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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Would taking birth control make you fat?
No, it will make you gain a few pounds though. It’s different for each kind though, There’s the shot, the patch, the pill and the implant. I have the patch. I gained maybe 3-5 lbs.
Can taking birth control pills make you get fat??
one of the side effects is gaining weight, but only like a few pounds. not enough to “get fat”.
Is birth control hormone control? Does taking the pill make it ha…?
Three types of oral contraceptives are available to women: combination pills, minipills and triphasic pills. The low doses of estrogen in the pills currently being used do not have negative effects on bodybuilding and seem to have anabolic …

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Doesnt birth control make you fat?
Q: I know this girl that was skinny, but then started becoming chubby and then she became fat. I need to start taking birth control to regulate my period.
A: The depo shot will for sureWhile on the pill, I put on about 3 pounds of water weight, but then went away after a full cycle
Do birth control make you fat?
Q: I have always been scard to take birth control pills because i think it do weird things to the female body that is’nt natural. Very effective for its purpose, but make me weak in the stomach just thinking about it! The only reason I have’nt gotten pregnant is because i actually listened the the message on absence! Now I have met someone worth being sexually involved with, but i’m scard of the pill because of the fat rumors. We have used condoms for over a year! When we thought it was time for more, we both went to the doctor. He went with me for my pep smear exam. The doctor told me everything is fine, including the pills. The pill is different to every woman but is it more common making woman fat?
A: it can cause weight gain.
How exactly does birth control pills make you gain weight?
Q: Ive recently started taking birth control pills, n would like to know how is it that it makes you gain weight? does it make you eat more? does it make you crave burgers? or does it make you fat just cause?? please let me know, cause i eat pretty healthy and go to the gym 5 days a week,, ,, thanXz a lot (:
A: they usually don’t. It is however different for everyone.
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