Does vitamin D prevent scaring

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Yes, UC San Diego researchers found that the skin surrounding a wound contains 4 times as much vitamin D as uninjured skin does- extra vitamin D triggers the production of an immune system molecule that helps heal wounds faster and cleaner. ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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DOes vitamin E prevent scarring?
Mederma is suppose to help or they have out a product called Bio oil.I can’t see why the vitamin E might not help but I would give a try to the products I mentioned above if you find that the E isn’t helping.
Can Vitamin E Help Prevent Scarring?
One of the most popular home remedies for scar healing is the topical use of vitamin E capsules or pills. There are many anecdotal reports with regard to vitamin E and scar healing. Lots of people swear by putting vitamin e oil on scars and…
How often should you put vitamin E on the skin to help prevent sc…?
You might want to check out the skin forum at Daybreak Lavender Farm. She has a special soap she made to prevent/help heal scars after surgery. I got some because I have very sensitive skin. It has no scent and lots of good oils, vitamin E,…

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How much Vitamin D ius is alright each day?
Q: I am currently taking half of my 1,000iu vitamin d everyday because my boyfriend scared me about vitamin d toxicity. How much is too much? I want take the whole thing, but he scarred me! lol Also, has anyone else heard that vitamin D MAY help prevent swine flu/flu? I know it helps with breast and bone health in women, but has anyone else heard that too? Thanks:)
A: Don’t worry about vitamin D toxicity. Generally, the average person needs 200 – 400 milligrams per day, but the amount should not exceed 2000 milligrams. Also, don’t forget that you get vitamin D from the sun, and so if you spend a long time in the sun, you might not need as much.
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