How can I a drug test

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There are multiple websites online that sell drug testing kits for home use. Some pharmacies also carry them. Just ask ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Does MT drug-test plan meet standard?
QUOTE By 2009-11-04 08:50:00 Intelligencer Journal Lancaster New Era TO THE EDITORS: I am writing in response to reporter Brian Wallace’s Oct. 19 article, “Manheim Township school officials consider drug tests.” Post your…
How to Pass a Drug Test
・ 1 Know the law. Depending on your state, it may be illegal for someone to deny you employment based on… ・ 2 Delay the test. Alcohol will stay in your system no longer than 36 hours, while marijuana can appear… ・ 3 Drink plenty of wate…
Will I Pass My Drug Test?
Height and Weight have nothing to do with drugs staying in your body. In fact drug residue can remain in your system for a month I think? Don’t take my word on that but it can stay in your system for awhile, such as blood, even hair samp…

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How long does STRIP BODY CLEANSER take to work for a drug test?
Q: I’m going to use the grape flavored strip complete body cleanser to pass a drug test I have coming up. But I dont know when to take it and the label doesnt specify. Anyone know how long before the test I should drink it? I smoke a few times a week but quit about a week ago…
A: Drink it a day or 2 before the test & drink plenty of water. Keep filling up the bottle the drink comes in with water & drinking that. Water helps almost as well by itself to clean out your system.
will promethazine show up on a drug test?
Q: so baisically, my boss is a dick and he is going to drug test me. i have promethazine pills due to a kidney stone and my boss will fire me if i fail the test regardless of the fact that the pills are perscribed. i have already been to the smoke shop and bought those drinks that are supposed to clear ur system. but i was just wondering if the promethazine would show up.
A: Cocaine will cover it up.
during a drug test can they tell the difference between human and dog piss?
Q: a friend of mine has to get a drug test today. She is so going to fail it. She asked me if they can tell the difference during the drug test if it is human or dog piss. Does anyone know?
A: guessing no. cause they only test for drugs. not dna.question is how is she going to get the urine in the cup, since they watch you pee.
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