How can I make a cold go away fast

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The common cold is thought to be viral and there’s no real “speedy treatment.” Try sleeping it off & eating properly. ChaCha Choo! [ Source: ]
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How do you make a cold go away fast?
Okay, so this past weekend… Memorial Day Weekend, I got in the pool with my family and the water was probably still to cold to get in but we did anyway! Now my mother, myself, and my 22 month old have colds! We think the pool should be wa…
Will soaking my toothbrush in The Brush Bath ® make my colds go a…?
We haven’t done an “official” study on this. Other manufacturers of dental sanitizing devices apparently have and claim that it does. From personal use, it does seem to shorten our colds.
How can I make a cold sore go away fast?
Try to get some medicine with aciclovir/acyclovir (marketed under trade names such as Cyclovir, Herpex, Acivir, Zovirax and Zovir). It should help you quickly.

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Home remedies to make a cold go away fast ?
Q: I have a cold I have a sore throatAnd a runny noseAnd I have been sneezing for about three daysIs there any home remedies for my cold to go away fast because I don’t want to be sick for Christmas which is three days awayHow can I make the cold go away fast. I only need home remedies because I don’t have any time to go to the store to get medicine Thanks for everyonea help
A: All four answers are just a chunks of a bear crap.A summer soup (not boiled) of garlic,onion, leek, ginger and mandrakes will fix up your cold in three days.Instead of the formal seven.
How can I make my cold go away fast?
Q: It is my birthday this weekend and I don’t want to have a cold. Is there a way to make a cold go away in a day?
A: breathe steam in a big cup.
What can I take or consume to help make a cold go away as fast as possible?
Q: I am coughing, my throat feels ‘funny’, my nose is runny, and I may have a slight fever. I think it’s a cold.What can I eat or drink to make this blasted sickness go away quickly?
A: Zicam is supposed to make a cold less severe, and shorten the duration of the cold. Take some Motrin to make you feel better. If your fever and sore throat persists, you might need to go to the doctor to see if you have one of several upper respiratory infections. Hope you are better soon!
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