How can you cure the stomach flu

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Because there is no medicine that will kill the viruses that cause stomach flu, treatment consists of managing symptoms while the body fights the infection. Treatment should begin with keeping the body hydrated. Other suggestions include ..MORE? [ Source: ]
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・ 1 See your doctor. If you have a severe case of the stomach flu, your doctor can give you prescription… ・ 2 Drink lots of fluids. Because the stomach flu often causes diarrhea, dehydration is a serious concern… ・ 3 Keep your diet simp…
I am currently caring for 3 kids with the stomach flu and nothing you can really do. The doctor did give them a prescription that helped with the nausea and vomiting and I had to give them an ounce of gatorade every 20 min and when they fin…
There is no cure for the stomach flu, other than simply time. If you have a severe case of the stomach flu, your doctor can give you prescription medications to alleviate your symptoms. Your body’s immune system is working hard to recover f…

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Does anyone know how to cure stomach flu?
Q: I have the stomach flu and its seriously impeding on errands I need to do. Not to mention the horrible, uncomfortable pain. I’m afraid of taking aspirin because I’m afraid of upsetting my stomach further. Any suggestions?
A: Aww. I hope you get better soon! I don’t really know of a cure for it, you just have to ride it out. Sorry. The things I do to get better faster; -Drink LOTS of liquid, but do it in sips, do not drink a lot at once, it will make you puke more. -Eat lightly. Toast, rice, yogurt (it helps balance out the good bacteria, but only eat a little bit at a time.) -Drink clear liquids not coke or anything. I drink Gatorade, Sprite and water. Actually you want to drink more of the Sprite and Gatorade because it helps replenish the sugars and the syrup in those drinks is easier on the stomach then the water.-Get as much sleep as possible!!! -If you’re throwing up a lot, peppermint and ginger help with nausea. So maybe chew some mint gum, suck on a candy cane or eat ginger snap cookies… -Another thing, as the guy above me said, keeping things clean. Wash your pillow/pillow case and blankets. I’d do it during the time you’re sick and after you are better.-Taking showers is just a nice way to relax and it keeps you clean. -If your head is hurting, a cold, damp washcloth on your forehead feels nice.I hope this helps and feel better!
How to cure stomach flu and vomiting ?
Q: My daughter has stomach flu. She can’t seemsto eat anythng right now. She vomitted if shedoes. Is there an alternative medicine ?Any ideals what she should or should noteat ?
A: Give her these Homeopathic Remedies NUX VOMICA 30X half hour before meals and ARSENICUM ALBUM 30X half hour after meals and she will be back on her feet within three doses. No Side Effects or Complications.Take Care and God Bless you !
What is a simple way to cure or prevent the Stomach Flu?
Q: I mostly want an answer on how to cure the stomach flu. It’s running around in our family back and forth and what’s a good way to help get better? Any good ideas? Thanks!! We will be so thankful!OK, well, I kind of just want to know how to get better from it, thanks!
A: there’s no way to cure the stomach flu. its not a good feeling, u no, being nauseous and vomiting. the most you can do is not hang around your ‘rents or siblings or cousins or aunts or whoever lives with you. and always wash your hands with sanitizer.
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