How can you get birth control without your parents knowing

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You can go to your local Planned Parenthood clinic and they will help you.Would you like to know one that is close to you? Thanks! [ Source: ]
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How can i get bith control without parents knowing??
you can go to your local health department its free if your under 18 and all your information stays private with them they wont tell your parents and also i recommend the depo shot it last 3months and safer than the pills
How can I get birth control without my parents knowing??
You can go to any OB/GYN or family planning center and get birth control pills. Even as a minor there are confidentiality rules that say they can’t give certain information to anyone (even your parents) without your permission. At least tha…
Can i get birth control without my parents knowing??
If you’re 17, you do not need your parent’s permission to get birth control. You can go to your doctor’s and get a prescription, and then you can get. Even if your mom did find out, I think that she would be impressed with the fact that you…

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Can you get put on birth control without your parents knowing?
Q: I wanna be put on Birth Control but I already asked my mom and she started yelling at me telling me If I wasn’t having sex then I don’t need it. See I don’t want her to know I’m having sex because she won’t let me ever see my boyfriend again. So I’m wondering can I be put on Birth Control without having an adult with me? I live in Virginia and I’m 15. I really want to know cause I would like to get put on it soon so I don’t have to worry all the time about being pregnant!!!
A: you’re a minor? yeah right… if i was your mom you’ll be grounded. but am not your mom… stop having sex dear its to risky you’ll just mess up your life. be RESPONSIBLE, i mean goodness you are not playing here. dont give your parents lots of heartache they love you. for a start let me tell you that sex is wonderful when you are married. curiosity kills the cat.
How to get birth control without parents knowing?
Q: Me and my Girlfriend want to get her on the pill, but she doesn’t want to confront her parents. If there a way to get birth control for a decent price, without her parents finding out? She is 16, and we live in SC, if it matters.Alright everyone, lets clarify a few things.First, I’m not some 19 year old or something, I’m 16 as well. Second, We are using condoms. We’ve already had sex, but I’d like to make sure nothing happens, like a broken condom, for example. I don’t like to put the chance of my future on a half millimeter of latex alone. Third, to everyone saying I should talk to parents, think about it. She has three brothers and lives with her dad. And she’s the youngest. He freaks out when we kiss. He’d come after me with a damn bat if she asked for birth control. Last, stop bothering to post things about being young, and ruing my future, and going to college, etc. I’ve heard your opinions on that and I frankly don’t care. I’m taking measures to avoid a pregnancy, I AM going to college, and I’m not going to follow your religions and decide to wait until marriage because it’s ‘right’. Get over it. To everyone else that offered advice and didn’t just concentrate on the above, thanks for your opinions.
A: Look in the drugstores and hide it in a place her parents can’t find it but make sure she is on it for about a month that way it works.
How can you get birth control without your parents knowing?
Q: Well I live with my dad and my brother and I don’t really want them to know since it is kind of my personal business. So I was just wondering if there was a way to do it.
A: you can get it at planned parenthood for free or low cost (i get mine for $4 a month). here’s a link to their website so that you can find a health center near you. if you need help getting there, call the number listed for your local center and they will help you figure out how to get there and back. it’s totally confidential and they won’t ever call your house or send anything there unless you ask them to. and the employees are really nice and are totally willing to help you. good luck!
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