How can you get rid of a keloid scar

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It seems that you are able to remove keloid scars (at least somewhat) by using tea tree oil extract. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, keloids may be treated by injecting them with a steroid medication directly into the scar tissue. This will reduce any redness, itching, or burning, and may also shrink the scar. While …
NO treatment is 100% effective, but the first thing you should try is Contractubex®] Gel / Hexilak® Gel which include Allium cepa extract, Heparin and Allantoin. (the earlier the treatment the better the prognosis). You can read more about …
Keloid scars are very unique as they are the only scar which can expand beyond the boundaries of the original scar. Keloids, like other scars, typically develop following a trauma to the skin. Typical skin traumas that result in Keloid scar…

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How do i get rid of a Keloid scar on my Tragus piercing?
Q: Ive had my tragus pierced for about 2 months now but have got a little lump on it.i asked my piercer what the little lump was on my tragus piercing and she said it was a keloid scar which is just excess skin (right?)and she said that bazuka gel will get rid of this true ?are the any other ways of getting rid of them ?please help ! thanks !
A: Keloid scars are rare and usually genetic. I highly doubt you have a keloid. They must be diagnosed and removed by a dermatologist. Unfortunately there are still piercers who label every bump a keloid. I wouldn’t put anything on it until you know for certain what the bump is.Before using Bazuka gel, which could harm your piercing, try hot saline or chamomile tea compresses twice a day for ten minutes each. If the bump reduces in size it’s not a keloid.
How to get rid of a potential keloid scar?
Q: So recently i pierced my ears and i think it may be forming a keliod scar on the back of my ear. First of all, i have no idea if its a keliod at all. Its not red or purple, like ive heard, but it hurts and the skin seems to be raised. If it is a keliod, what can i do at home to get rid of it??Thanks for the Help!
A: its not a keloid. Its hypertrophic scarring. its fairly normal, especially in cartilage piercings. Did you get pierced by needle or gun? Anyways, clean your ears twice a day with a sea salt solution, and dont play with your jewelry!
How do I get rid of my Keloid Scar?
Q: My scare is on my elbow. It is about the size of a jelly bean. I’ve had it for about 2 years now and I want it gone. Please don’t say go to a dermatologist, or get it surgically removed. Is there any ointment or creme that could make it go away? Or any home remedies?Thanks in advance!Sorry, I misspelled scar. I put ‘scare’ instead.
A: When I stretched my earlobes I had a blow out and in the back of my ear there was a builup of scar tissue due to stretching too fast. It was about the size of a pea. I used tea tree oil which I bought online and massaged my earlobe 3times a day to increase blood flow through the area. It was gone in about 3 days. You can also try sea salt on hot water and applying to the area.
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