How can you get rid of tape worms

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The most common treatment for tapeworm infection involves oral medications that are toxic to the tapeworm: Biltricide or Albenza. [ Source: ]
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How Do I Get Rid Of Tape Worms?
“Iverhart Max “, for dogs, you did not say what type of animal has the parasite. But any way take your animal to the vet to have their stool tested. If they have tape worm they may also have heart and round worm…this works on …
How to Get Rid of Tapeworms in Humans
Although relatively uncommon, humans and especially infants and young children can contract tape worms. There is a misconception that tapeworms are contracted from the feces of infected animals,…
Will garlic get rid of tape worms in a cat?
yes! Only give them a teaspoonm every month and they will go away.

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how do you get rid of tape worms in puppies/dogs?
Q: I have tried medicine from the vets-costly and did not work more than a couple of weeks. There is no sign of fleas which I was told causes these type of worms. Suggestions?
A: Whenever I have no worm pills available, I use one of these methods.1. Pick a large handful (or more) of grass that is more than about 8 inches long. Mix it with a can of dog food or raw hamburger. Make sure that the grass is coated in the food.Feed it to your dog like that.How it works: The hungry worms go straight for the food and get tangled/caught in the grass. The more the more they try to escape, the more tangled they get. The come out with the grass when the dog poops it out.2. Feed the dog grease (from cooked bacon, duck, goose, etc), and/or lard.How it works: The grease makes the dog’s stomach and intestines greasy, which causes it to be very slippery for the worms. The worms have nothing to hold on to and come out in the poop. The dog may have greasy-watery poop, but the worms will be gone.Good Luck
Does anybody know a home remedy for getting rid of tape worms in cats?
Q: And if possible something I can mix in their food.I went to the site you gave me Dances and it made me want to take her to the vet like tonight! I’m definitely taking her friday when I get paid. Thanks for the informative link!
A: No! You will have to make a trip to the vet with your kitty and have it treated properly. Quote:HOW DO WE GET RID OF THEM?”Tapeworms are killed by different medications (Our hospital uses one called “DRONCIT” (brand name of “ Praziquantel”) which is administered by injection or tablet. The tapeworm is killed and digested with the pet’s food. It is not passed in the stool later.”Here is the link that that the quote above is from and it will tell you all about Tapeworms. Treatment medicines may vary from one vet to another. vet uses Strongid and Cestex. Both are vet perscribed de-wormers for tapes, hooks and round worms.Hope this helps.
how do u get rid of tape worms for cats?
Q: cats.. worms
A: GO TO THE VET!What are tapeworms? Tapeworms are a highly specialised intestinal parasite known as Cestodes. Tapeworms need two hosts, the intermediate host which passes the cysticercoid around & the final host (your pet), where it develops into an adult tapeworm & lays it’s eggs. Dipylidium canium is the most common tapeworm in cats followed by Taenia taeniaeformis. Tapeworms are hermaphroditic, which means they contain both ovaries & testes & are capable of reproducing on their own. They have a head (scolex), a neck & a segmented body (the segments are known as proglottids). They are whitish/cream in colour with a ribbon like appearance, and can grow to 15 – 60 cms in length. There are several types of tapeworm your cat can become infected by, the two most common are;Dipylidium canium: Taenia taeniaeformisLife Cycle of the Tapeworm & how cats become infected: Dipylidium canium: The most common tapeworm found in cats. The cat flea is the intermediate host of dipylidium canum. Eggs are passed in the faeces & eaten by flea larvae. Once inside the flea larvae, the egg hatches & becomes (cysticercoid). The flea larvae develops into an adult flea, which goes about it’s business of parasitising your pet & sucking blood. Your cat (or dog) then ingests the flea during grooming. Once inside the stomach the flea is broken down & the tapeworm is released. It hooks onto the small intestinal wall & develops into an adult tapeworm. Once it reaches maturity (in around 2 – 3 weeks) egg filled segments break off & leave the body via the anus. These segments have the appearance of rice grains. These segments are motile (capable of movement). Once these segments have dried out they have the appearance of sesame seeds. They are then eaten by flea larvae & so the cycle begins once again. Taenia taeniaeformis: Probably the second most common tapeworm in cats. Cats become infected with taenia taeniaeformis via eating rodents containing the larval tapeworm. What are the signs of tapeworms in cats?The presence of rice like segments (proglottids) around your cat’s anus & in the environment is a sign your pet has tapeworm. Your veterinarian may perform a microscopic study of the pet’s faeces to check for the presence of tapeworm segments & or eggs. Are tapeworms dangerous to cats?Generally no, tapeworms aren’t harmful to cats. As tapeworms take nutrients from the cat a heavy infestation can cause your cat to become nutritionally deprived & lose weight & the fur to have a rough appearance. What’s the treatment?Your veterinarian will be able to provide you with a effective deworming medication which will kill the tapeworm(s). Once they have died, they will be digested along with the cat’s food. Can I catch tapeworms from my cat?Yes & no. You cannot catch tapeworm directly from your cat, but if your cat has fleas, it is possible to catch tapeworm by accidentally swallowing a flea carrying the tapeworm cysticercoid.How do I prevent tapeworm in my pet?Stringent flea control is a must. Preventing your cat hunting rodents is also advised. Children are much more likely to become infected than adults. ****************************************There are various products on the market for treating tapeworms. Whether given by mouth or by injection, the products usually contain the active ingredient praziquantel and are available through your veterinarian. I find the injection to be more effective. Sometimes, if the infestation seems severe, I repeat the treatment in 2 to 3 weeks, although the manufacturers of the drug claim one treatment is sufficient. I have seen no side effects from the drug, although in the shot form, it stings at the injection site.
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