How can you Naturally remove stretch marks

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You can: Massage the area with stretch marks using either cod liver oil, olive oil, vitamin E oil or flax seed oil. MORE? [ Source: ]
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How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally
・ 1 Prevent stretch marks before they appear. If you are pregnant, moisturize your skin throughout the… ・ 2 Start treating the affected skin as soon as you notice the appearance of stretch marks. Wheat germ… ・ 3 Eat healthy foods. Eat f…
Is it Possible to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally?—Is-it-Possible-to-Remove-Stretch-Marks-Naturally?&id=2772547
Striae or stretch marks as they are commonly known can be removed very easily if you know why this skin condition is caused. These are purplish red streaks on the skin which are caused by overstretching of dermis layer of skin. In fact the …
How To Detoxify Your Body and Remove Stretch Marks Naturally?
Natra pure is a combination of all natural products to cleanse your colon. The combination includes green tea extracts, paipan, acai berry, bromelain, guarana and blueberry extract. All these are powerful antioxidants that can rejuvenate yo…

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How do you remove stretch marks naturally?
A: Coca butter is good and will help but you need to exercise the area and add muscle tone. This will tighten the skin and help greatly reduce the marks.Dont work out to much though as if your muscle mass becomes to large to fast…it will get worse.There are also over the counter creams you can use and most will help out. Just make sure you have that in the budget before you buy. I used a cream called revitol and it worked pretty good for me. (Notice I have no link on here so i am not an affiliate).Hope this helps out!
how to remove stretch marks naturally?
Q: after doing the leg splitting i began to develop these stretch marks. do u have any idea how to remove it
A: Stretch marks occur when your skin cannot produce enough collagen to cope with growth. A shortage of vitamin C can be a factor because this is needed to produce collagen.Weight gain or pregnancy is a factor or trigger, but nutrition is another…If you want to learn more about stretch marks or learn how to remove them, (there is a great audio to listen to here as well as an article): hope this helps!
need to remove stretch marks?
Q: I have lots of stretch marks on my arms,abs,how is it possible to remove it naturally,
A: Sorry, only a plastic surgeon can remove them…there is a new lazer procedure…but vitamin e or some special lotions will reduce them.
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