How can you reduce the swelling of gums

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Rinse with mouthwash or with warm salt water to help clean and reduce swollen gums. Proper oral hygiene and dental care will help [ Source: ]
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How do you reduce swelling of the gums?
There are many causes. A good cleaning is a good place to start. But the cause coud also be from a crown that is bothering the gums. But only a good evaluation by a doctor can determin the cause. Feel free to call on us if you have more que…
How to reduce gum swelling?
Hello, before if my gum swelling I swishing it with mouthwash or with warm salt water to help clean and reduce swollen gums and it is really working. I also use a piece of towel and a cubes of ice and put on the affected area.The constant p…
How do i reduce swelling of my gums?
Use warm salt water About 2 tablespoons to a full glass of warm water, stir to dissolve. get a mouth full and swish it around in your mouth and let it soak for less than a minute . spit out water and repeat this 3 times. After that rinse th…

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How to reduce swelling of gums?
Q: I have some swelling in my gums right behind the very last tooth on the bottom row of the left side. I read that, that causes the last tooth to rise up a little and that tonsils become sore and swallowing to become troubling. (Not sure if any of that is true so you need to help me out on that also) Anyway, how do i make the swelling go down?
A: get some corsydol mouthwash. it treats ulcers and inflamed gums
How to reduce swelling in gums when braces come off?
Q: I get my braces off in 2 days and I’m afraid my teeth will look really weird and smAll bc my gums are swollen, my dentist said we can laser them off about 2months after I get them off, but what’s the fastest way to shrink your gums up??
A: I would brush your teeth with baking soda.. it sounds so gross.. but when I had my braces on, and my gums began to swell, I started brushing my teeth with it. (that’s what the dentist used while I had braces on and went in for a cleaning) On my next visit…My orthodontist said my gums looked a lot better. <if you try this and your teeth become sensitive…stop using the baking soda and ask your dentist if there’s any way to help with the swelling…you want a healthy mouth 🙂 >And for the lasering… I had that done about 3 weeks after having my braces off. It’s AMAZING. I think its called a “gum lift” or “smile lift.” It’s completely worth it! My teeth look a lot bigger and healthier now. I would definitely recommend this. There’s hardly any discomfort at all, the recovery time is VERY short, and you’ll have so much more confidence in your smile 😀 If you do decide to do this… be sure to keep them healthy. Have a good brushing and flossing habit :)Hope this helped! Best of Luck 🙂
How can i reduce the swelling in my gums?
Q: I’ve had my braces for a year and some months now and my gums are swelling. My back teeth are starting to look smaller so how can i reduce the swelling?? I’ve been flossing every night and brushing in the morning and at night. Is there anything else i can do to get the swelling down and if so how long will it take my gums to get back to normal?
A: Be sure to brush the gums as well as the teeth. Rinse with mouthwash. Massage the gums with a toothbrush, you can do this when you are reading or watching tv. You don’t need water or toothbrush, just massage. This really sounds like a hygiene issue. The gums swell up around the brackets when the plaque isn’t being removed.Sorry…
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