How can you treat a fever blister

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Tetracycline is a Rx that can reduce the infection, but relief is still a couple of days away. An anesthetic such as lidocaine might be prescribed to reduce pain and can be dabbed directly on the sore. To begin treating the sore the minute you MORE? [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Be sure you have fever blisters and not other types of sores, such as mouth ulcers. They should be… ・ 2 Seek medical treatment. Some forms of antiviral medication can be used to minimize the onset of the… ・ 3 Monitor your fever. Man…
Just about everyone experiences fever blisters from time to time. The pesky, tingly little sores tend to develop around the nose, cheeks, chin, and around mouth during times of stress or when a person’s immune system is run down. read more … — Fever blister or cold sores are the result of the herpes simplex virus. Because they can last ten days, it is helpful to learn ways to get rid of the cold sore as quickly as possible as well as preventative tactics. Mi…

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How do you treat a fever blister when you are pregnant?
Q: I dont want to take anything that will harm the baby, but this fever blister is killing my lip! It seriously hurts like heck and is itchy
A: I got 2 nasty fever blisters at the beginning of my last pregnancy. The doctor said I couldnt use anything like aclovir (sp?) so I ended up just using camphophenique several times a day till it went away.
What are some ways to treat fever blisters?
Q: I had a couple fever blisters on my lip and they popped, now they are absolutely raw and hurt really bad. What are some ways to treat them? Are there any ways to take the pain away? Should I be keeping them moist or let them dry out? I’ve been using blistex to numb them and it’s helped a lot but i’m not sure what else to do. Let me know!
A: Keep using the blistex! You can also take a pill called Lycine, which should make it go away faster, but there is nothing to make it go away immediatly. They normally take about seven to ten days to go away.
what is a fast way to treat a fever blister without prescription medication?
A: Abreva.Keep it on you and use it continually. The product does workalthough it costs about $15.00 for a minuscule tube.F.Y.I. It also work on acne, use a Q-tip to apply it to your pimple.
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