How come people drink achohol

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People often drink alcohol to reduce stress, and relax. It also tends to relieve inhibitions in social situations. [ Source: ]
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How come people drink achohol
People often drink alcohol to reduce stress, and relax. It also tends to relieve inhibitions in social situations.
Why do people drink achohol?
Some people drink to relax after a hard days work. Some drink just to get them drunk to try and forget their problems.Some drink, because their friends do when they all get together, and they want to be accepted by their peers. Alcohol make…

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Can I have some achohol free green drink recipes?
Q: My 12th birthday is coming and I need some good drink ideas. No achohol though. Too young!hey peoples what’s mellow yellow?How do I post other than on this? This thing is annoyingThanks peeps!!!!=DSEND TO ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS ONLINE!!!! I NEED MORE POST!!!!!!
A: Here is a good link to take your pick . . . (do not pick from the spirited recipes . . . lol
can you drink achohol when your 14 years old!!?
Q: i’ve heard that you only have to be 14 years old to drink in a private party i just want to find out if its true or not cause my 14th birthday party is coming up soon and i wanna know if i can drink or not!! plz help!!i dnt wanna drink loads jus a little bit with my mates i ent the person who wants to go out and get pissed!! thank you to the people who actually helped me and my parents say i can so i won’t be going be hide there backs plus they will be there with me anyway!!no you dnt get it i want to have it on special occasions only! not every weekend
A: well legally your not allowed to purchase alcohol or drink it in a public facility but your parents or any adult are just as likely to get it for you to drink at home. Personally from experience I think its actually a good idea. Learning to drink in moderation in a safe environment is the best way to learn how to enjoy alcohol without over indulging. I was always allowed a small amount of alcohol, and by being given the opportunity in a safe environment (say at a friends house or at a dinner party) then I felt respect for my parents which meant i didnt want to go off and drink to get back at them, I have only gotten hung over twice ever and have learnt how to control my alcohol intake while enjoying the event. I would say at fourteen 2-3 servings of alcohol is the limit. You havent stopped growing yet and so more could damage your development.
Im 17. Is it bad that i drink achohol?
Q: ive recently started a couple months ago but since graduations coming, i know im gonna be drinking more. Really, how bad is it for me to be drinking? And how much is okay? last time i drank i took a combined amount of 6-7 shots between vodka, whiskey and tequilla(im not really a fan of beer). that really got me messed up. I was thinking drinking once or twice a month would be okay? Is that right?
A: You are young to be drinking but I did it, too, so I can’t say much for that. Legally, you should not be drinking, though. The fact that you even question it and have an awareness about it shows me that you are on the right path and not some completely reckless person with a total & utter disregard for your health, your life and the lives of others.Alcohol will age you, though and pickle your liver. Be smart. Don’t drink too much.People will say that anything in moderation is fine but you are killing valuable brain cells needed for college / university.Whatever anyone says, though, I well remember being 17 & it was a part of going out & partying with my peers. A person doesn’t need to drink to excess – (or drink at all period to have fun) – but there was little anyone could have said to me then to make me stop. I am not talking about getting wrecked; just a few social drinks. It was all in the name of friendly fun. Don’t get messed up, though. I would hate for you to ever doing anything ULTRA STUPID, not to mention dangerous, like drink & drive!!!
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