How do fix a torn muscle

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Muscle tears are typically healed with rest and pain relievers, in rare causes they require stitches. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How to Fix a Torn Muscle
・ 1 See the doctor to determine your bone is not broken and you have not torn any tendons. If you have… ・ 2 Follow the R.I.C.E. treatment. The R.I.C.E. treatment is useful for any sprain—it stands for Rest… ・ 3 Participate in passive …
How Do I Fix A Torn Muscle In My Elbow?
The only way you can be certain you have a torn muscle in your elbow is with a diagnostic X-ray. If, you have had an X-ray and a Radiologist has made this diagnosis, then the only thing you can do is follow the orders of the doctor. If you …
Will a torn muscle in the shoulder fix itself without surgery??
It depends on which muscles are involved and the location of the tear and to what extent the muscle is torn. Only a professional can answer the question.

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How does a surgery to fix a torn muscle in work?
Q: I just dislocated my right patella and there is a strong possibility that o tore a muscle in my knee. If this is the case I would need surgery to fix it. I was wondering if anyone knew how that whole surgery works.
A: i understand , it’s ok . 🙂
What can I do to fix a torn calf muscle?
Q: I cant put my foot flat on the floor, and when it happened i heared it rip and have never felt pain like it. But when i went to A&E the doc just poked the area and gave me paracetamol, crutches and a pressure stocking. How long will this take to heal, could it be something else, do i need to do anything else? I know I should have asked the doc but I was not thinking straight.
A: Hey. Because you actually heard the muscle tear you probably have experienced quite a severe muscle strain. Its nothing that wont heal in time, but to make this quicker i’d advise the following:1. Stretch the muscle a few times a day. This is vital. Stand facing a wall with your 2 hands against it, place your injured leg backwards until you feel it stretching, slowly stretch the muscle by placing your heel on the ground. The distance you can get you leg back mightnt be very far to begin with, but should imcrease the more you stretch it. I’m sure you can find calf (or gastrocnemius / soleus) stretches online if you want a pic. Hold this stretch for 15 secs, and repeat about 10 times. Do this maybe 3 or 4 times a day.2. Massage! Alot of scar tissue will have built up where the muscle tear occured. Its important that you break this scar tissue up. Take a bath, and use soap as lubricant. Rub the painful part of your muscle with your thumbs, really push in deep, and rub upwards towards your knee. It may be painful to begin with, but as you do it, it will ease. Instead of using your thumbs you could place your calf muscle on your other knee (whilst on yor back in the bath), and push your injured leg up and down on the other knee, using it to push into the muscle. I hope that makes sense!3. Ice the muscle. Apply ice wrapped up in a damp cloth for 10mins to the affected area. Do this 3 times a day. They’re the 3 main things. You should continue to take the paracetamol if its still really painful, but wean yourself off these as you feel it getting easier.A simple calf strain takes about a week or 2 to recover, but yours may take longer, perhaps 3 weeks until your fully fit again.Also, as it gets easier and you can place your heel on the ground, i’d advise you to start building the strength back up in the calf. Do any exercise that involves pointing your toes to the ground against the resistance. Lie on your back, and point your toes. If you have a rubber band or belt etc hold this whilst on your back, ensuring its wrapped under your foot, and push against it. As this gets easier you can do toe-raises..this is basically standing on your tip toes with both legs x10. As this gets easier, do it using just the one leg.Hope this helps. All the best 🙂
Would surgery fix anything with a torn pectoralis muscle (partial tear) and its derformity?
Q: I recently tore my pectoralis muscle bench pressing and now when i flex it has a small indention. It mildly hurts when i workout and i was wondering if surgery would do anything for this as far as connecting the torn part together to fix the deformity and function? The doctor suggested that I go to physical therapy first before he proceeds with surgery on me because the muscle is still attatched to the tendon. Would surgery fix the appearance in any way?
A: It probably would…more so than PT because PT will simply help you develop the surrounding tissues to help increase function and decrease pain…yet the part that remains torn will probably remain that way. Your indentation may remain. Yet, the purpose of surgical correction would be to restore the function of the muscle and cosmetic appearance would not be the first priority. This is why you must try the physical therapy first…otherwise it becomes a cosmetic procedure, not a medically necessary procedure.
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