How do i get medical marijuana in minnesota

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Medical marijuana, where a doctor can legally prescribe his patients the drug, is NOT available in Minnesota. You probably won’t do time for posession if it’s your first offense, but that’s the as lenient as the law is. [ Source: ]
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Should Minnesota legalize medical marijuana?
Eleven other states already allow marijuana for medical uses, and the Minnesota Legislature has debated it in years past. But this year it looks like a bill may actually pass. Guests ・ Steve Sviggum: Minnesota state representative, R-Kenyon…
Why does Minnesota need a medical marijuana law?
Although Minnesota created the THC Therapeutic Research Act in 1980 — a program that recognized the medical value and allowed for the medical use of THC, one of marijuana’s many therapeutically active compounds — the program was never opera…
Why Don Haumant – and Some Legislators – Want Minnesota to Legali…?
Statistically, I’m supposed to be dead,” says Don Haumant, 57, as he sits in his Minneapolis living room, the winter light coming in through half-closed shades. The one-bedroom apartment is decorated with period furniture – “You […] Categ…

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Medical marijuana and Minnesota?
Q: Is medical marijuana legal in Minnesota or not. I am unclear. I have Multiple Sclerosis and was wondering.
A: It doesn’t look like it is. See this article: looks like it passed through one part of the legislature, but not the other.
How can i encourage people to help make medical marijuana legal in minnesota?
A: Problem is, if Minnesota state law deems it legal to use marijuana for medical purposes, the federal law still says that it is illegal and federal law must be followed over the state laws. If you want to make marijuana legal, you must work on a federal level.
what happens if tim pawlenty vetoes the minnesota medical marijuana law? can it still be passew without him?
A: tim pawlenty will smoke a bowl.
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