How do I get my throat to stop hurting

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You can try using Phenol Oral Spray, the brand name being Chloraseptic Spray that numbs your throat. Good luck and feel better! [ Source: ]
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How can I get my throat to stop hurting/ stop coughing?
try gargling liquid benadryl it causes i numbing sensation in the throat and helps keep away the tickle that makes you cough
How do I get my throat and mouth to stop hurting?
Warm salt water gargle is soothing. drink a lot of fluids to prevent dehydration.
When will my throat stop hurting?
If you read the package insert, Zithromax works over 10 days (even though you are done with the dosage in 5 days). So you can’t really apply the same logic as an “old-fashioned” antibiotic like penicillin; you’ve taken half the pi…

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How can you make your throat stop hurting after throwing up?
Q: Um I throw up my food when I feel like I ate too much and then my throat hurts like burns soo much!When I drink water it also hurts. I do it daily so I really really really need to know how to make it stop hurting! Please help!
A: Now i want you to take this seriously, You Need To Get Help, that is not normal and sounds as if you are bulimic. I would not try to figure out how to stop your throat from hurting, i would try to figure out how to control your urge to make yourself throw up in the first place. Also figure out how to control how much you eat or why you think you are eating to much. But please if you keep this up you will end up with serious health issues, i know from experience, one of my friends was doing what you are doing and almost died from it.
What Can I Do To Make My Throat Stop Hurting?
Q: It’s been hurting on and off the past couple days. Sometimes it doesn’t even hurt for a day. I just took a cough drop, because my throat hurt. I don’t like tea. Should I Go To School Tomorrow?What Can I Do To Make My Throat Stop Hurting? and I’m not sick, so I don’t know why it would hurt.
A: try some lemon juice and honey in a cup of hot water and sip it slowly or if u cant stand lemon try just the honey about a tablespoon in about a cup of hot water sip slowly the honey will sooth ur throat have ugot something stuck in it like a fish bone a piece of bread – it may go if it doesnt get better go to the doctors
How can i make my sore throat stop hurting?
Q: When ever i swallow something my throat hurts a lot! how can i get it to stop?!
A: I know, I know. It sounds awful, but put a teaspoon of salt in a cup of hot (not scalding!) water, and gargle with it, then spit it out.
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