How do I not get a bloody nose

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Dry air in the winter causes nose bleeds so try to not be outside as much as possible. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do I not get a bloody nose
Dry air in the winter causes nose bleeds so try to not be outside as much as possible. ChaCha!

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What does it mean when a rat gets a bloody nose?
Q: My husband has a pet rat and sometimes it gets bloody noses. Its not a lot of blood, just a little. Besides the bloody nose, it seems fine, is there something wrong with it?
A: Usually, when a rat has reddish stuff around its nose, it’s not blood at all. It’s porphyrin. This is a reddish pigment secreted by a gland in/near the rat’s eyes. It’s not abnormal to see it now and then, in small quantities.However, if you see a lot of it, it usually means the rat is very stressed or distressed. Sometimes poor nutrition can also be the cause. It could also mean the rat is coming down with an illness, or actually has a viral or bacterial infection but isn’t yet showing the symptoms. The reason you see more of the pigment around the nose is because when the rats blink, most of it goes down through their tear ducts and comes out the nose, just like in humans, we get a runny nose if we cry too much.If your rat has an increase in the amount of porphyrin around the nose and/or eyes, or if it starts having any other symptoms (sneezing a lot, loss of appetite, loss of weight, skin irritations, etc.) PLEASE take it to a veterinarian. Certain diseases and infections can be treated by vets. And in the meantime, make sure you’re feeding your rat a well-balanced diet.P.S. Some of the folks answering this question have good advice, but so far I haven’t seen anyone else mention PORPHYRIN. Please know, however, that that *is* what you are seeing around the rat’s nose and eyes. And it *is* produced for any/all the reasons I mentioned earlier. Good luck with your rat — they are wonderful pets! 🙂
What are some common reasons for getting a bloody nose?
Q: I have gotten 2 bloody noses (maybe 3) in the past couple months. I never used to get them, I’d say the last time was 10 years ago. And it is in only 1 nostril (my right). Any particular reasons? I don’t pick my nose as I’ve found on the internet could cause this. Are there any causes like a high salt intake or high cholesterol? I do have high blood pressure but it is regulated with a prescription.
A: the small vesels inside your nose get broken, for different causes could be allergies, sinus, brain something, blood pressure, headaches, many more, hit your nose… etc, you were rough cleaning your nose, dry nose can cause too, if is too often you have to go to the doctor.
What cause a bloody strip like discharge after a nose bleed?
Q: I was kissing my boyfriend when all of the sudden I got a bloody nose, I use to get them all the time when i was a child, some that lasted hours, but this was the first in months. This bloody nose only lasted about 15 minutes, and within that 15 minutes I pulled two bloody “strips” out of my nose. These strips were about 4 inches long, maybe half an inch wide, thick sticky, and smelled terrible. As I pulled them out it burned, and continued to burn for a couple hours after.
A: dont let him stick it in your nose
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