How do string implants work

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Polypropylene implants absorb water very slowly.The polypropylene, which is yarn-like, causes irritation to the implant pocket which causes the production of serum which fills the implant pocket on a continual basis. ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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How do string implants work
Polypropylene implants absorb water very slowly.The polypropylene, which is yarn-like, causes irritation to the implant pocket which causes the production of serum which fills the implant pocket on a continual basis. ChaCha again!

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i have hear of the term {“string implants”} and i just whanted to know what are they and what do they do.?
Q: i think it have to do something with plastic surgery becuse it has the word implant in it.
A: Design of String Breast ImplantsPolypropylene is a material which readily absorbs water and fluids from inside the body, causing the implant to swell and expand. This process is virtually unending since the saturation level of the polypropylene material is very high. In addition, the nature of the material irritates the internal breast tissue of the implant capsule, causing an inflammatory response and the continuing production of fluids. This irritation/fluid production/fluid absorption cycle continues on and on causing polypropylene implants to grow year by year throughout the patient’s life. String Breast Implants String breast implants are also commonly called string implants or polypropylene implants. Currently, due to their dubious reputation as an unsafe and unpredictable implant material, polypropylene implants are illegal in most areas of the world. However, this has not prevented certain adult entertainers and models from endorsing them as the best method of developing truly huge breast size.Seems as though these breast implants are mostly illegal all around the world.hope this helps..
What do Polypropylene breast implants feel like?
Q: i was looking this up on wikipedia and it said that they were made out of yarn or string..wouldn’t that make them hard?
A: No, No, they are made with same chemical compound that can also be made into yarn or string.
Ear Cropping issue..implants,shorten,stringing?
Q: has anyone ever had a Doberman who had ear cropping done but one did not stand after months and months of racking? Has anyone ever had the implants put in their dogs ears..or re cropping for those that were cropped long? If so what was your outcome??She is 8 months old. Yes. of course a Vet did the ear crop??She was already cropped when I bought her. She has been racked/taped 6 days up 1 day down for months. She was purchased for Junior handleing/agility/obedience.I know implants will knock her out of conformation..but that will leave agility and obedience.She will have corrective surgery..just wanted options that others may have used…right we are going with shorten them.
A: Just keep posting. If your dog has a long crop it can take up to 18 months for the ears to stand correctly in some lines. If your dog have a very long crop and lacks the proper ear to support the crop then yes reropping is an option. Your breeder would be the best person to make suggestions but if they are not available my suggestion would be to find a vet that does custom cropping and is experience in Dobermans or find a good show breeder and ask their options of if the ear will eventually stand with continued posting or not. If not then you can discuss other options with the vet. Implants have their own risks which you should discuss with your vet, however keep in mind if you plan on showing implants would be a disqualification.Edit: Leaving them down for a day is what the problem is. The ears should be left down for more time that it takes them to dry after you have removed the tape and cleaned them to repost. Allowing them to stay down for and extend time and especially allowing the puppy to sleep on the ears when they are down is a big no-no. Again I would recommend having and experienced cropping vet or an experienced show breeder to look at her ears and help you determine if the cartilage in the ear has developed a crease from being left down to long. If it has then some type of corrective surgery such as implants or stringing will be necessary for them to stand (a re-crop won’t do any good) If they have not then continuing to post and not leaving them down should eventually get them to stand on their own. A show crop can take up to 18 months to stand properly on some dogs so unless you are sure a crease has developed in the cartilage don’t give up on her so soon
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