How do you calm nervousness

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Ways to calm nervousness is to meditate, drink chamomile tea, have a massage, focus on something positive, and smile! [ Source: ]
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How to calm down when nervous?
I have problems with nervousness, too. Most of the time, doing some deep breathing exercises to prepare yourself for the coming event will help, but I have to admit, it doesn’t always work, but it does work more times than not. Sometimes, I…
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What is the vitamin thing that people take to calm nervousness?
Q: Some guy told me that there was some kind of vitamin or supplement or something, that golfers use to help them calm their nerves so they can focus on the game. I think the word ‘Beaters’ was in the title. So, I know it’s not a vitamin, itself, but maybe like a herbal thing. I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking.
A: “GolfEase” is one such compound. It consists of the following:Vitamin C Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Folic Acid Magnesium Kava Kava Valerian Root Inositol Vinpocetine Whether or not it works, I don’t know because I’ve never taken it.I know a lot of pro golfers take beta blockers (prescription only) to ease anxiety on the tour.*******************Natasha, the pro golf circuit has many players who use beta-blockers for nerves. It’s as common as steroids in baseball. Is it right? No, not unless prescribed legitimately by a physician (and some anxiety disorders *are* legimately controlled with them), but here are some links to dispel your doubts:
How to calm nervousness before performing tkd form in front of judges and audience for a tournament?
Q: Whenever i have to compete in tae kwon do form division, i get nervous and my usually perfect form suffers because of it causing me to speed thorugh the form-major problem, and shaky movements. Any ideas that can calm nerves and focus besides deep breaths and stuff like that? thanks
A: Before you go up to do your routine try and realize a few different things…first most of your competitors have similar nervousness it can be a disconcerting feeling to go up and perform against people and for people that you are not used to – just try and do the best you can. Secondly realize that you do have a good grasp of your technique, otherwise you wouldnt be up there in a tournament setting. Try and be confident that you have mastered your abilities as best as you were able in preparation for the contest. Again you can only perform as well as you can perform and you just have to be at peace with what the results will bring.
What are some ways to calm down your nervousness when speaking?
A: Ok, think of the most embarrassing situation you have been in or the stupidest thing you have ever done. Now, can you do anything while you are speaking that will remotely come close to either of those two events? Probably not. Convince yourself of that then get up there and knock their socks off.
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