How do you confuse a brunette

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Q: How do you confuse a brunette? A: Put her in a circular room and tell her to sit in the corner. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How do you confuse a brunette
Q: How do you confuse a brunette? A: Put her in a circular room and tell her to sit in the corner. ChaCha on!

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What does a male like in a female? Curvy, stick thin, blonde, brunette etc?
Q: I notice a lot of the boys i know have girlfriends who are stick skinny. I’m not stick thin, I’m not fat but I have a curvy body I think but I not sure if thats good or bad? I’d just like to know what a male looks for in a female. I’m so confused.
A: I personally am attracted to girls with wide hips, thick butts (not fat) and thin waists. And concerning hair colour, the darker the better.But I wouldn’t refuse dating girls who don’t look like that. And it really does depend on the guy, some will like stick thin blonde girls some won’t.So it’s impossible to give you a “correct” answer.Have a healthy body and that’s it.
Joke: A Brunette visits her doctor and complains that she has pain all over her body …?
Q: … To demonstrate, she touches her knee – Ouch!, her ankle – Arghh!, her nose – Ooooh! Doctor asks: Are you a natural Brunette? Confused the girl answers: No, I’m naturally Blonde. Ah! says the doctor, that explains it – you have a broken finger.
A: I am offended! lol
Blonde of Brunette? CONFUSED!!! help plz ^^?
Q: Well, i’m getting a hair color this week on wednesday. Some friends tell me to do brown hair, others say blonde. What do YOU guys think? I just want to know everyone’s opinions cuz I’m very confused on what to do with my hair. Here’s pics with both colors (wearing wigs, of course): rude comments please, I’m asking for HELP here. Thanx ;p(the brown wig is actually a 3/4 wig, so u can tell my hair is actually black in the front and brown after that….)and the blonde pic is not my best… here’s a better one:
A: you can pull off both but i’d definitely say dark!!! you look so natural and pretty with brown hair
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