How do you cool off

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To cool off, take a cold shower, go swimming, enjoy a tall glass of ice water, squirt yourself with a hose. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Hey Jenn I have some cool water, You got to come get it though.
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How can I cool off an overheating projector?
Q: We have a projector at my church that works great – some of the time. Then it suddenly makes an electrical crackling noise and shuts off. The unit gets really hot really fast, and my hypothesis is that the problem is overheating related. I’m looking for some sort of component I could purchase to keep it cool, but that wouldn’t make a lot of noise, thus ruining the atmosphere or making it hard to hear.
A: The projector should have its own internal fan. If the projector keeps overheating, then it could be a sign that the fan may not be working.
How do I cool off my room?
Q: Hey guys. I just want a few tips on cooling off my room. Its 80 degrees outside and my room is right above the garage so its really hard to keep it cool. My room is 78 degrees right now. My parents won’t let me turn on the air conditioning because the rest of the house is cool. I have a ceiling fan but that just blows the air around in circles. Any tips?I can’t open my window, because theres no breeze, and its 80 degrees
A: you could buy a fan…. or if you have a window open it and you might get a breeze. idk but that’s what i do
What can I do to cool off after a race to go run my next event?
Q: This is y first year of track. I have no experiance in running what so ever. For 1 lap my time is 1:24. Is that good? And what can I do to cool off?
A: If you are doing multiple events in a meet you do not need to go through your usual cool down as you do after a practice. It depends on how long you have between events as to what you should do.If there is an hour or more then walk/jog for 5 minutes, easy.Do light stretching and then relax.If it is less time then walk for a few minutes and gently stretch.Don’t over stretch.If you don’t have much time between events your cool down is your warm up for the next event and all you need to do is a few strides to be ready.
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