How do you cure chest acne

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To cure the blemishes you already have, and to prevent more from returning proper skin care is required. Claus over and out! [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Wash your chest with a gentle cleanser every night before bed. This will remove surface dirt, oil and… ・ 2 Apply a thin layer of salicylic acid lotion onto your chest. Salicylic acid is a popular acne medication… ・ 3 Wait about five…
Neat and clean: You must stay fresh and clean to avid chest acne. If your pores are well-cleaned you will have less probability to experience chest acne. You may cover this skin disease under your dress, still when you use any type of oil o…
iQ Derma Acne Clear Remedy lotion is a new and amazing acne solution. It works by unclogging your pores, killing bacteria and gently soothe and hydrates your skin. What does it do? Proven to Heal and Prevent Acne With NO Drying or Flakin…

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How do I cure acne on chest and back?
Q: I have red acne spots on my chest and back. What are some ways of curing it?
A: I’ve actually been using phisoderm on my back and chest for a couple of weeks and it’s completely cleared up.Attached is a link to the product I’ve been using.It’s actually meant for your face, but I found that the prescription face wash I had worked better and decided to experiment a bit with this.I think they make a body wash to, which is probably more appropriate. Just make sure it has salicyclic acid as the active ingredient. That’s what makes it work.If the problem persists, see a dermatologist. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. And almost all of the medications I’ve taken have been covered under my insurance.
what is a good remedy to cure acne on your back and chest?
Q: it really annoying to have this it just came upoh im not stressed bout my marrige im glad lol !!!! But i have drifted from my question does toothpaste really work?
A: usually anything that contains salicylic acid works good. I read in some of your other questions that you are going through a divorce or marriage problems. Stress will bring on acne.
How to cure acne on your face, chest, back?
A: The treatment of body acne will vary according to the severity of it. To prevent acne, you can cleanse your face daily with soap and water. This will help in removing dead skin cells before they have an opportunity to embed themselves in your pores. If you already suffer from body acne, it is recommended that a Salicylic Acid soap be used. It contains beta hydroxy, which is used not only for the inflammationof acne, but is also effective at removing dead skin cells. Products like Clearisil and Pro Active have benzoyl peroxide in them. Benzoyl peroxide works by increasing the amount of oxygen in the pores. Acne cannot survive when there is an abundance of oxygen in the pores they are attempting to attack. If the form of body acne is severe, a prescription will be needed for treatment by a dermatologist. Some of the more common prescriptions are for antibiotics, Retin-A and Accutane.
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