How do you dislocate your collarbone

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You can dislocate your collarbone in a number of ways. If you trip and fall, it is possible that your collarbone can be dislocated. Being in sports can also cause this. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How do you fix a dislocated clavicle?
you cant dislocate your clavicle, it is not a joint. You could break it and then you would have to wear a sling to immobilize your shoulder from moving it for a few weeks.
Can a collar bone be dislocated?
Yes definetly they cannot put it back in though you have to live with it.As it runs by a major artery and os near the heart , dont worry I have the same thing not sure what causes it though.
What is the treatment for a dislocated collar bone?
Dislocated collar bone is probably not the best term to use. You can have an AC joint separation which causes the collar bone look “popped up”, which really causes the acromiom to be depressed. Or you can separate your clavicle fr…

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How can you tell if you dislocated your collar bone?
Q: A few days ago I woke up and noticed a bump under my collar bone on my left side. It almost looks like a cyst but it’s pure bone. It does hurt if I touch it to much. Everyone is trying to tell me that my collarbone could be dislocated and that I should see a doctor. Does anyone know what this could be?
A: See a doctor, check out the site(s) below in my source – there are serious implications if you just leave it. Sounds bad to me.
treatment for a dislocated collarbone?
Q: Post manipulation and capsular release my collarbone is dislocated! Dr. said they won’t do surgery because it’s next to major artery! Also Dr. tried to push back into place and it wouldn’t bulge! He said now it’s basically a cosmetic issue! Anyone had any experience with this! I didn’t fall either which is usually how this type of thing happens! Iam also having intence pt to keep range of motion! Any info would be appreciated! Thanks! Wondering also if when my shoulder heals if my collarbone will give me pain??
A: I would get a second opinion. Yes the collar bone is located close to a major artery, they should be able to move it other wise it might cause you future problems. I would go to another doctor.
Is manchester united defender Vidic out with a dislocated shoulder or a broken collarbone? I’ve heard both.
Q: I’ve heard one report saying he’s out for the season with a broken collarbone and others saying a month with a dislocated shoulder. Which is is?
A: he’s out for a month with a dislocated shoulder..but once u look at it, a month is the rest of the season cuz the matches end in may and it’s now april….and plus the mental recovery after that and getting into shape to start
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