How do you get a cactus out of your leg

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If the cactus was small you can take it out yourself and place a bandage on it. Otherwise I recommend going to see your doctor. [ Source: ]
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What do I do after I get a cactus out of my leg??
Best thing to do is leave the area for a few days, perhaps apply first aid liquid such a TCP, Savlon or Germolene to the affected skin and then even if cactus parts are still in your leg there will far less risk of infection meaning that th…

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how to get cactus thorns out of your leg?
A: Use a sterile needle or let Mother Nature take her course. I don’t want to be gross but they will fester and you can squeeze them. I have had them in my legs and not noticed them, it seems like they grow a little sac around them and come right out.
I ran into a cactus and thought I got all the thorns out. Now leg is itching – any way to draw thorns out?
Q: I don’t see anything sticking out. There is one little raised bump that is very itchy.
A: Sometimes cuts just get itchy
How do you protect your legs from cactus needles?
Q: I plan to walk up several mountains in Big Bend, and they’re teaming with cactus and other needly plants.What’s the best thing I can put on the lower part of my pants to shield my legs from the needles (because it’s inevitable that I hit a few of those cacti every time because I’m not using hiking trails) that won’t weigh me down and won’t be too hot?thanks
A: The best thing is to look to the cowboys for the answer:Chaps are the best protection from cactus. You can get some that are from the knee down so they’re not too hot, and easy to remove when you no longer need them. Even the full chaps are actually not too hot. I used to wear them while riding in Florida where it’s hot and humid. Otherwise, you might want to consider knee high leather boots. I doubt that anything else is going to protect your legs very well.
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