How do you get rid of a blood blister

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In most cases, they will dissolve on their own – however you can break them open but it is not recommended by some professionals [ Source: ]
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How do I get rid of a blood blister?
Sterilize a needle and lance the blister. It’s just blood that has collected underneath the skin. Once you’ve gotten the blood out, clean the area good with hydrogen peroxide and place a band-aid over it. Left alone, eventually the body wil…
What is the quickest, easiest and lease painful way to get rid of…?
try soaking it in warm water a few times a day. the skin can get soft enough that the blood can disapate on it’s own
How do you get rid of an old blood blister that has already dried…?
if its already dried wait for the scab to come off and then if there is still puss in there take a sterilized pin or needle and poke it

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How to get rid a blood blister that under the skin?
Q: My dad and i went on a jog. I got a blister so i didn’t touch it and let it heel by itself, but its been 3 weeks and now i have an under the skin scab. How do I get rid of it?
A: if it’s been three weeks it should be ready to just scratch right off. go ahead, take your nail and just do it. the blood’s dry.
How do a get rid of a blood blister on my lower lip?
Q: I got hit in the mouth, and the result was a hideous blood blister on my lower lip. It’s really visible, and I have a date tomorrow. How can I get rid of it FAST?It’s completely gone today. I put ice on it at night and used lipstick to cover it up on the date.Thanks for helping guys!
A: You dont really. Its just like any other type of bruise, it just heals on it own.
How do i get rid of a blood blister thing next to my belly button bar?
Q: I have had my belly pierced for over 10 months now, but i have what looks like a blood blister right next to the bar on the top end. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for the best and quickest way to get rid of it?Please no stupid answers and i will pick the best answer for 10 points 🙂
A: OMG i hate that!! i know when i had that ment that my naval piercing wasn’t healed. somebody told me on this site that every night in the shower, i should wash it using dial anti-bacterial worked!! it started to heal so fast in the next 2 weeks!!so i had my belly button pierced for 6 months, & it wasn’t really healed & in 2 weeks using the soap its almost done! plus that nasty blister i had is gone!! (:
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