How do you get rid of a kanker sore on your tongue

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Over-the-counter and prescription pastes such as Orabase can help get rid of a canker sore. ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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How can i get rid of canker sore on tongue?
Go to your local pharmacy and ask them about canker sore medication. They should sell it over the counter for about $6.
What can i use to get rid of a canker sore on my tongue??
The best thing I have found is something called CankerMelts or Canker Cover. You should be able to find them at a drug store.
How to get rid of a Canker sore on both sides of my tongue??
The girl who said Listerine ARE YOU CRAZY!?! Listerine gives me cankers big time. When I had braces I had to sleep with that wax stuff over them because I get cankers easily. I use H.O.P. to get rid of them and my mom, boyfriend, brothers,…

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How do you get rid of a kanker sore on your tongue?
Q: I’ve got this painful kanker sore on the front and to the side of my tongue. Probably from a cold, but i’m not sure. Either way, does anyone have any good remedies for a kanker sore?
A: You could use ora-gel or abreva. I’ve used ora-gel most of the time… it numbs the area – and usually numbs your whole mouth… but it’s worth it sometimes to not have to feel the pain of the sore!! good luck! =0)oh yes, and you could also try to AVOID getting these sores… if they are common for you, that is. I was told that eating pineapples, or other acidic foods may cause them- sometimes even tomatoes! So I stopped eating anything with pineapple… and voila! *No sores!* YAY!The worst part of when I used to get them was that it almost ALWAYS happened to be when it was time for my dentist check-up… which meant they were messing around in my mouth – which was painful!!!
How do I get rid of the sores on the sides of my tongue?
Q: I keep getting kanker sores on the sides of my tongue and they are very sore and hurt. How can I get rid of them quickly? Thank you.
A: It really depends if it is a canker sore or a cold sore. if it is caused by a virus, there is basically nothing you can do. however if it is because, say you bit your tongue, then swishing with warm salt water can help speed healing. Do you use a mouthwash with alcohol in it? Those can be too strong and kill even the good bacteria in your mouth causing the bad ones to take over … just a thought. If you don’t use mouthwash, you might consider using some twice a day that does NOT contain alcohol but helps to cleanse your mouth further.One last thought, if you are perhaps biting your tongue while sleeping, you might try a night guard for your teeth. I press my teeth together repeatedly at night which causes my jaw to ache, having a night guard virtually made it go away. Just another thought to ponder.
kanker sore?
Q: i have a kanker sore on my tongue and i wanna get rid of it fast wats the best thing to do to cure it or make it go awayP.S. i hate this dammed thing
A: There is a tube of stuff called Mentholatum (not sure of exact spelling). I use it when I first start to get them and it heads them off. If you apply it a few times daily it helps it go away faster. Anbesol also makes a tube of stuff to help with the pain of cankers. I am not sure if it helps it heal. This is the best remedy: There are these medicine tab things you can get that are sticky and you actually stick them on the canker and it will stay on and slowly disintegrate. When it has, it has left a protective coating over the canker to keep it from burning when eating, etc. It helps it heal faster than anything else I have tried. They are great. It takes about 8 hours or so for the tab to dissolve. I bought them at Wal-Mart.
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