How do you get rid of blisters on your feet

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The best bet is to just cover them with tape so they dont rub off, do not try to pop them. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do you get rid of blisters on your feet?
Soak your feet in luke warm water for 5-10 minutes then dry feet and put plaster on.
What is the best way to get rid of a blister on the sole of your …?
Your answer may be from the latest medical discovery coming out of China! If you stand in the “Fighting dragon stance!” like in the kung foo films, and then stand on one foot raising the foot with the blister above your head. If y…
How to Safely and Easily Get Rid of a Blister On Hands or Feet?
We have all had awful blisters on our hands or feet that just fill up with fluid and are quite painful. Not only do they hurt but once a blister breaks, the skin underneath is extremely sensitive…

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What are some good ways to get rid of blisters on your feet?
Q: About 30minutes ago i just got home from an amusement park…i had bought new shoes and wore them which caused me to get blisters on my feet from all the walking plus not being used to the new shoes yet…. Does anyone know of anyway (besides popping, that causes pain) that i can sooth the pain of the blisters or possibly get rid of them over a certain amount of time? Its real difficult for me to walk and i have to walk with a limp because of the pain….so anyones advice is helpful THANKS!!!
A: Never pop blisters, let them do their own thing! The skin and fluid is there to protect it from further injury, and it will keep you from gettting it infected. It is beginning the healing process.
What’s the easiest way to get rid of blisters on your feet?
Q: I was stupid and wore sandals around a hilly golf course a week ago or so, and blisters developed on the bottoms of both feet. I’ve tried triple antibiotic ointment and bandaids, and nothing seems to help. Would love any and all advice.
A: Unfortunately with blisters they really have to run their course. however there is one key thing you can try to do to get them speeding along. Try soaking your feet in warm-hot water ( whatever you can stand) for awhile, and then using polysporin or another antibiotic cream on the blisters. Avoid the band-aids over night , blisters need to be able to get air so they can dry out properly and heal as they should. Try wearing wool socks to bed over the polysporin and it should help!
how do you get rid of blisters on your feet?
Q: i wore new shoes and now have blisters on the back of my feet its really sore how do i get rid of them
A: wear more comfortable shoes…place band aid on areas that are usually chaffed by the shoes…for the blisters…put antibacterial ointment such as Neosporin (there is a kind of neosporin which has analgesic to lessen the pain) to prevent it from getting infected and dont wear closed shoes or shoes that would further aggravate the blisters…
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