How do you heal a sprained wrist

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Follow the R.I.C.E. rules of Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. In addition, consult a doctor before treating yourself. [ Source: ]
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How to heal a sprained wrist?
Well if it is swollen i would use a cold compress to take a little of the swelling down (20 mins for every hour). I would also take some ibuprofen about 400mg every 6-8 hours. Then you can get a bandage and strap it up start in the middle o…
What can I do for training while I am waiting for my wrist sprain…?
swimming and shadow boxing may injure the wrist, when you punch while shadow boxing authought you dont have to clanch you hand and keep tyour wrist straight it may still hurt to throw witht that hand. swimming may hurt when the injust hand …
How long does it take a sprained wrist to heal?
depending on how bad the sprain is, they’re sometimes worse than breaks. They can take anywhere from a week to a few months to heal depending on severity.

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How do you heal a sprained wrist quickly?
Q: i sprained wrist motor biking and i have a baseball game in like 6 days, and i am the starting pitcher (cant miss a start), is there anyway to heal it ?if not is there any legal way to numb the pain for the game so i can throw my heat ?
A: Rest it for the first few days, then start a gentle process of movements to get it going again. Be careful with painkillers, they can dull your senses and I would think you would need them about you as a pitcher. Perhaps get a medical support to help keep the wrist form during the game.
How long will it take for my sprained wrist to heal?
Q: Today in gym class, we were playing kickball, and I tripped backwards and put all my weight on my wrist. It hurts to move it and bend it back. I am wondering how long it will take to heal my sprain. Thanks.
A: To get the pain and swelling discoloration downuse crushed ice on your ankleDo this 3 or 4 times a day 10 or 15 times each Stay off your foot as much as you canWhat you need to do is rest the injured part and use a tensor bandage.Have someone take you to the hospital or doctor and have your ankle x-rayedIf the sprain is mild it will take a week to 10 days moderate to severe a month When the swelling goes down you can switch to heat and do some gentle exercises.
how to make a sprained wrist heal faster?
Q: please help i want this sprained wrist of mine to heal faster..What can I do?
A: The best way to heal a sprain is immobilization. Sometime a sprain takes longer than a fractured bone to completely heal. Every time you move you are using tendons and ligaments. A sprain is nothing more than stretched or torn ligaments along with bruising of the soft tissue, so every time you move it kind of keeps things from healing as fast. It is normally recommended to be immobilized(cast/splint/brace) for @ least three weeks up to 8 weeks or more in some cases. Also anti inflammatory meds can help some.
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