How do you perform an CPR

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To perform CPR, position the person on their back, maintain an open airway while you pinch the injured person’s nose shut.(More?) [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Check the situation. Assess the danger level surrounding the injured party. Is there a fire? Are there… ・ 2 Check the patient. Is he conscious or unconscious? If he appears unconscious, check for signs of breathing… ・ 3 Design…
Follow the basic steps as shown in the related link; Check, Call, Care. CPR is preformed in cycles of 30 compressions & 2 breaths.
Warning : This article is not a substitute for CPR training. The American Heart Association changed its guidelines for CPR in 2006. These instructions are based on the new guidelines. Before approaching any emergency scene, you must always …

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Can a company restrict an employee where to perform cpr and first aid?
Q: I work in Loss Prevention at a local mall. One of the other stores had an incident where cpr and first aid had to be rendered to a customer. The customer passed away. After our store learned that we assisted another store with the incident, they in turn wrote a policy that we are not allowed to leave property to assist another store. We are no longer allowed to render cpr and first aid help to other stores. Can a company do this?
A: no that is illegal you can not restrict where you can save lives what if someone in that store didn’t know CPR? but you did you would have to be like nope can’t leave to save you misterthat is all bull crap little advice if you ever see anyone who needs it NO MATTER where they are DO IT screw what they tell you you will be hailed as a hero
i’m looking for a mouth sheild that is used to perform cpr , I work for an agency with limited funds. free
Q: I’m word for someone with a disibility and need to put together a first aid kit , due to limited funding any info where i might be able to obtain a mouth shield for free , in the event I need to perform cpr. feedback appreciated
A: check with your local fire department, they’ve come in and given us cpr classes and also gave all of us a mouth shield for the keychain
Where would i be able to learn how to perform CPR?
Q: I live in Brisbane, Australia and I want to learn how to perform CPR. Where are there places that will teach?
A: Look online for your country under search I am sure you will find something. Amazing that you want to lean CPR. I also am going to d o it.
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