How do you prevent MRSA

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To prevent MSRA, wash your hands; don’t share personal items; keep wounds covered; shower immediately after athletic games or practice, or sit them out if you have an infected wound; sanitize linens; and use antibiotics appropriately. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Wash your hands. Although people know they should do this, they may not wash well enough to kill bacteria… ・ 2 Clean facets and toilet handles regularly with an antibacterial cleaner. Bacteria can live on these… ・ 3 Keep cuts clean …
As we have already heard, a staphylococcus infection is spread easily through direct contact. You can get MRSA if you touch a person who carries the bacteria, or if you touch something that an infected person has touched. There are also som…
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, is an extremely drug-resistant bacterium, also known as a superbug. A form of staph, the MRSA bacteria can be spread by touching surfaces that are contaminated, and by skin-to-skin conta…

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How do you prevent MRSA staph infections?
Q: My son was exposed to MRSA a few months ago and just recently got it back. Does anyone know how to prevent future MRSA infections?
A: he is likely colonized with MRSA, in other words, it didn’t go away, it just didn’t infect. He needs to be super careful with any break in his skin, that is usually how MRSA gets in and causes infections. Any wound, even just a shallow abrasion, needs to be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water and then kept covered with sterile bandage until it is completely healed. He needs to be careful to wash his hands at least every two hours, and to keep his hands away from his injuries. he needs to be taught not to pick at his face, most teens are continuously picking at pimples and such, and in a person colonized with MRSA, that is really risky behavior.
How can you prevent MRSA at a slumber party?
Q: I have an assignment on how to take precautions to stop MRSA at a slumber party.
A: Quite thorough showering beforehand for everyone, as well as keeping touching to a minimum. MRSA can be a persistent little bastard.’Edit: Some people are asking what MRSA is. Standing to Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, it’s a version of staph that’s extremely resistant to treatment. I’ve been infected twice, once from helping an old man up off the ground, and again from touching something in my room I forgot to clean after the first time.The first infection ate a little hole in my right pinkie and damaged the nerves. It hurts/tingles to this day. The second infection ate a marble-sized chunk out of my left forearm. The scar looks like I was shot. That stuff comes on FAST. If you ever get a red patch on your skin that progresses from red to itchy to raised to hurting in a span of about four hours, go to the hospital immediately. The faster you get it lanced, drained, and on antiobiotics, the less it will hurt. I waited a day to treat the first one, it easily hurt more than my kidney stone and wisdom teeth surgery combined.I treated the second one within a few hours, it only hurt like a bіtch and a half.
Can drinking alcohol prevent mrsa from healing?
Q: I have a friend who has mrsa and he is drinking alcohol but he doesnt think that the alcohol is doing damage
A: Well its not like directly going to stop his wound from healing but its not going to help, MRSA is a significant infection and something your friend should be wanting to clear himself of sooner rather then later, adequate healthy diet, vit c and plenty of water is what he should be aiming for. If MRSA is not treated it can ulcerate and cause necrotic areas.
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