How do you put on a catheter

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Thanks for asking ChaCha. It is not recommended to do it yourself. You should leave putting on in to a doctor or nurse. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How is the catheter put in?
Your PICC will be put in by a specially trained nurse or doctor, in an outpatient department or on the ward. It will be put in using a local anesthetic, so that you do not feel any pain. First, the skin in the area where the PICC will be in…
What happens when the catheter or applicator is put in place??,25508-4
You will most likely be in the hospital when your catheter or applicator is put in place. Here is what to expect: You will either be put to sleep or the area where the catheter or applicator goes will be numbed. This will help prevent pain …
Will I have to have a catheter put in my bladder?
Yes you may. There are several reasons a catheter may be used. One is to get a sample of urine for culture. This is especially needed if you have a history of frequent urinary tract infections. It is commonly done after you have been asked …

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Anyone done true ICI (intracervical insemination) at home? How do you know how far to put the catheter in?
Q: I’m using unwashed sperm to do ICI. I know that many women just do IVI but having a tipped uterus I want to improve my chances. I’ve got all of the tools necessary but I need to know how far to put the catheter in the os. I don’t want to put it in too far because unwashed sperm can cause infections if they get into the uterus and that certainly wouldn’t help my conception chances. I have not been able to find information anywhere on how long a cervix is around ovulation. I don’t want to put the catheter in to far yet at the same time I don’t want it to fall out either.I’ve though of using a cervical cup or cap instead but can’t find them available on the net and I know that the instead cup wont work either because it doesn’t work during my menstrual cycle so I know that the sperm will spill out. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks!K, don’t mean to sound rude but um.. don’t answer this question if you don’t know what you are talking about. ICI is insemination into the cervix. Doctors do it and some allow their patients to do it on their own. Sperm used for IUI are “washed” meaning they are taken out of the semen (which is not meant to go into the uterus and can cause infection) and they are sorted based on motility and morphology). Unwashed sperm are just regular sperm, swimming in semen. These types of sperm are used for ICI and IVI procedures. I have a tipped uterus and because of it I’ve had trouble getting pregnant. the sperm have trouble finding my cervix.. so to assist them I’ll be doing ICI and I WILL be inserting the semen into my cervix. Has anyone had any experience with this?Thanks in advance for all of the actually inteligent answers!Seriously, are all of the people that answer questions on here idiots? Did that second answer seriously say the sperm have to get through the cervix to the utuerus?! Well DUH! My God, are you serious?! I’m not an idiot, I’ve been TTC for quite a while. And, BTW, cervix & uterine position do have a play in getting pregnant. My utuerus is tipped in the opposite direction most peoples are.. It makes my cervix tip an entirely different direction so instead of being where sperm usually pool up it’s completely opposite. It doesn’t make it entirely impossible to get pregnant but it does make it more difficult. So, in effort to make it less difficult, I am going to do the ICI method of placing the sperm into the cervix manually. Don’t you think if I didn’t know thats where they needed to go then I wouldn’t be trying to put them there. Good Lord!OK. I’ve got a new requirement for anyone answering this question: MUST HAVE PASSED SEX ED IN HIGH SCHOOL! Better yet, must have gotten a diploma too
A: if i were you i would see a doctor to have an IUI done. that way they can put the sperm directly into your uterus so that you don’t have any confusion.
Does getting a Urinary Catheter put in when your in labor hurt?
Q: I just finished my prenatal classes and the Health nurse passed around a Urinary Catheter they may have to use when you are in labor or giving birth and it freaked the hell out of me… It was huge and my pee hole can only get so big if you know what im saying. Does it hurt at all??
A: It will hurt (and maybe ALOT) if they do it before your epidural. So make sure that they do it after. I had one when I was on bed rest and my nurse was very rough and it was beyond painful. But if you have an epidural in first then I think isn’t supposed to hurt at all.
While recovering from a surgery when we usually have a urinary catheter put in are we required to?
Q: Could I refuse it, even if I have to pull myself across the room on hands and knees to get to the bathroom?
A: You have the legal right to refuse anything you want to, but you need to make an educated decision. What kind of surgery are you having? If you’re having some sort of surgery “down there”, you probably do need the cath. In that case, they would be putting it in for medical reasons. You’re going to have some swelling after surgery, and they want to make sure you will be able to urinate. It may be too late to put the cath. in (as well as very painful) if you wait to see if you’re going to have problems. If you’re not having a “down there” surgery, there’s really no reason you should be required to have one. If they’re trying to limit your getting out of bed after surgery, that’s what bedpans are for (and there’s less risk of getting a UTI). Hope this helps!
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