How does a flu shot help against the flu

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The flu shot contains killed viruses,which alerts your immune system. When the real thing comes along, it’s ready for them. [ Source: ]
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Will a standard Flu Shot help against the Swine Flu??
No, not according to the CDC, the Swine flu is different from the flu that is given in the vaccine. Because flu is a constantly mutating virus, the flu shot most likely will not protect you against the Swine Flu epidemic. According to the D…
What other diseases does getting an annual flu shot help prevent …?
Technically none. It doesn’t even really prevent the flu since you only get vaccinated for past strains. The other things they tell you it helps prevent would be things like pneumonia and bronchitis because those with already impaired immun…
Will the seasonal flu shot help protect against novel H1N1 infect…?
It is not expected to help provide much protection, particularly in young people.

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Does the Flu Shot protect against all strains of flu?
Q: I recently got the flu shot about 3 weeks or so ago and have heard that it only protects you from the most deadly kind of flu. The shot takes about 2 weeks to finally kick in. So what exactly does it protect; any kind of flu or just the most deadly?
A: It protects from the particular strains of virus that are in that vaccine. Every year they issue a new vaccine with immunity to a new flu virus. They predict which flu is most likely to be “in season” and vaccinate for that. It takes approx 1 year to create a vaccine from a known virus. So, you’re basically getting vaccinated for a flu that is not new to humans. It’s still worth getting the shot. The deadliest flu right now is Avian Flu and there is no human vaccine for that yet because it hasn’t made the genetic drift to become human to human yet. Once it does that it will be another year before a vaccine is available for avian flu. Your best bet is to get the flu shot every year AND practice anti-infection techniques such as washing your hands alot, using hand sanitizer gels, avoid handshaking and crowded places during flu season and avoid touching your face (especially eyes, nose and mouth).
Does the flu shot protect against 1 kind of flu or all the flu types out there?
A: LAIV and TIV contain strains of influenza viruses that are antigenically equivalent to the annually recommended strains: one influenza A (H3N2) virus, one influenza A (H1N1) virus, and one influenza B virus. Each year, one or more virus strains might be changed on the basis of global surveillance for influenza viruses and the emergence and spread of new strains. Only the H1N1 strain was changed for the recommended vaccine for the 2007–08 influenza season, compared with the 2006–07 season
Am I the only one against FLU SHOT and VACCINES?
Q: All these vaccines are simply injections of a fatal disease… also I honestly believe that many illnesses derive from shots given as a child such as autism, sudden death, tourrets and low immunity (such as peanuts etc…)I personally would never get a flu shot nor would I recommend it
A: Im not a big fan of it myself seems more people get sick when they get the shots
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