How does doc test for swine flu

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We test for all flu the same way: a nasal swab and then that goes to the lab. It is a simple painless test. The tests take a day or two at the State lab and then the final lab confirmation is at the CDC which they have been working very hard to MORE? [ Source: ]
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The H1N1 swine flu has caused a surge in doctor visits for flu like symptoms — and now some 40% of flu cases are infections with the new flu bug. Mediterranean Diet May Boost Eye Health Mon, 2009-05-11 13:47 Eating a Mediterranean-style di…
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If you live in areas where swine influenza cases have been identified and become ill with
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How does a doctor test you for swine flu?
Q: I have the symptoms and have had them for the past 3 days. If I go to my doctor and say I think I have Swine Flu,what will the doc do?
A: Don’t try to diagnose you own illness and just see your dr. In the future, get to your dr. sooner (same day or next day). For now, stay away from school or work so others won’t get sick swine flu or not. Good luck and feel better.
what are the symptoms of swine flu? My child has a sore throat for a week and doc said virus and no strep?
Q: No fever and she does have some phloem. He didn’t do a blood test either time because there was no fever. I took her last Friday and it has not got better so I took her again today. Any suggestions???????
A: it’s most likely a virus..she doesn’t have the flu if she doesnt have a fever but if you’re uncomfortable about it request a flu swab. it’s most likely a virus like he said that just needs to run it course.
What’s the difference between Swine Flu & ordinary Flu?
Q: My daughter has been very ill with flu – high temps, chills, sore throat, sickness, extreme tiredness, cough, runny nose, you name it she had it, and now nearly four weeks later she is getting over tonsillitis. The Doc did not ask about foriegn travel or for any other detials other than her basic symptoms. I’m glad my daughter is getting better but I am just curious as to the distinction between the 2 flues and when they consider it necessary to test.
A: Swine flu is an H1N1 flu. While the ordinary flu that most people get is usually H2N3, but the Swine flu will eventually become another ordinary flu, because it is spreading and people will eventually consider it ordinary as well. Swine flu and ordinary flu have the same symptoms.Symptoms may include:- headache- tiredness- chills- aching muscles- limb or joint pain- diarrhoea or stomach upset- sore throat- runny nose- sneezing- loss of appetiteIf you daughter is feeling better there is no reason to test. It doesn’t really matter if she has Swine Flu or Ordinary Flu, it is just a good thing that she got better. If she starts feeling ill or someone else you know you should go to a doctor and see which Flu it is.
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