How does premonitions while sleeping happen

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Premonition’s are about feelings or senses of nervous anxiety and gut feelings that something is about to happen. So, (more)? [ Source: ]
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How does premonitions while sleeping happen
Premonition’s are about feelings or senses of nervous anxiety and gut feelings that something is about to happen. So, (more)?

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Premonition? while sleeping?
Q: Ok, so I was half asleep right now and no ones at my house. And all of a sudden there was this glass shattering sound right in my ear. It scared the s**t outta me and I checked everywhere around my room and there was no glass at all! and I’ve been having alot of deja vu. WHAT THE FRICK IS HAPPENING?!xoxo~Twilight11x21x08
A: When we are half asleep its very easy for the spirit to communicate with us ; and its what happen when you heard the glass shattering ; someone in your family or a friend [ do you have love ones who are deceased and the time doesn’t matter ; I mean could be 10 ;;15 yrs ago ] yes this person came to warn you of a future event who should not be pleasant . I had many Accurate warning just before I felt asleep
premonitions? scientific explanations?
Q: (THIS IS NOT A JOKE! IM SERIOUS HERE I NID HELP, SOMEONE WHO IS KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT THIS]i just wanna know if there’s a scientific explanation about premonitions.coz since i was a kid i’ve dream alot of wierd and scary dreams. mom told me that they’re just nightmares/satan is testing you.she said that i’ll just pray and i’ll feel better.IN MY ELEMENTARY DAYSi dreamed that my cousin is drowning, then i tried to help her but i failed.. she died and i saw everybody’s mourning..when i woke up i told this to my mom, and the she just laugh and she said “heeh you really have a wild imagination!” and then few weeks later we recieved a message that my cousin drowned and died.. my mom was shocked..IN MY HIGHSCHOOL DAYS [2004]i dreamed that my sister is holding a cute baby with curly hair,then i played with her.. and again i told my mom about my dream.. then she said” it would be nice if that will come true” then few weeks later we recieved a message that my sister pregnant.. and again we are surprised.. few months passed my sister visited us and she was holding the baby……. and she has a curly hairTHIS MONTH OF MAY [2009] rainy days boost up my mood to draw digital arts.. so every 10-3 a.m i surf the web,listening vocaloid music and drawing digi-arts..then i got sleepy and i imediately went to my room to sleep.[thnx to the cold weather]then again, i have strange dream, it was raining.. and i was staring at the houses..then suddenly.. a landslide!! i heard the peoples cry, begging for help, i wanted to help them..but im coward.then i woke up… then i go back to sleep.. and again theres a wierd dream, that i was talking to my mom, we’re both naked. then i saw a greenish-fluid flowing out to her morning i told my mom about my dream and i also asked her that she must have a daily check-up to a doctor [my mom has ovary problems and she’s still recovering from it]and then as we watching the morning news, theres a report that there’s a landslide incident happened somewhere on visayas are luzon last night..i forgot.. everyone was sleeping while the incident happened so many people died..uhm… well any scientific explanation?… before i sleep i dont think any about those, i always think about my plans in school and arts.[sori 4 my bad english]
A: We don’t know a lot about premonitions from a scientific standpoint.Some people say that all time exists right now. In other words, there is no past, present or future, everything is happening in this same moment of time, but we are not aware of it. Premonitions (just a theory) are when an image from that future time (which is actually now) is glimpsed by someone in the now. In other words, you perceive glimpses of more than just this plane of consciousness.It is a gift. Many children are being born with this gift. Many people born in the last 20 years are psychic.Pay close attention to any warnings you see (like telling your mom to get a check up, very good) and also, write down your dream images with the date that you dreamed. Then also journal anything that happens to prove out your premonitions. Cut out newspaper clippings and put them in your journal too. This will be an interesting record for you as time goes by.It is nothing to be afraid of. Just know that you have a stronger antennae than most people so you receive broadcasts that others don’t. Sometime you might have the opportunity to help prevent something bad, but many times you will not so don’t feel bad or guilty.
about dreaming and headaches =/?
Q: so don’t think i’m crazy or inventing things but from when i was young when something bad was about to happen i had very bad dreams before…now i am almost able to know the meaning of my dreams but this summer was different i kept having dreams like premonitions but i had to search for their meaning and everything happened as i dreamt without even knowing only later on i thought about it and everything had a meaning…now this weekend was different..on saturday my dream or premonition was clear very clear and that night everything happened as i dreamt i didn’t had to solve it and i did nothing to stop it but when i woke up i had this huge headache but only a part from the left side of my brain and then on sunday morning while sleeping the same happened a clear premonition but this time i woke up with the right side hurting me a lot..but this night i had dreams which i didn’t remember and no headaches but i’m worrying why i keep having “premonitions” which lead to big headaches?!and pls don’t write stupid answers and don’t think i’m crazy or something like that its the truth believe it or not its up to you i only want some answers why this is happening to me!! and don’t tell me to find help on psychiatrists i’m a normal girl i can assure u!!
A: Well, I suppose it’s possible that having the premonitions in your dreams could be causing you to have tension headaches if the premonitions are of a nature that would be stressful to you, or if the knowledge that you have premonitions that come true causes you stress. If it is not “normal” for you to have headaches on regular basis, though, perhaps you should have a check up. You could try yoga or meditation before you go to sleep, maybe that would help….
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