How does sensa work

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Sensa works by curbing your hunger without affecting the taste of your food. We are told that Sensa makes your brain think that you have eaten and in consequence it makes you eat less. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed . Thanks for visiting! Are you ready to lose weight?  Sensa Weight Loss System is rapidly becoming the hottest diet sensation around.  The funny thing about Sensa is that it is …
Sensa’s Tastant Technology uses your senses of smell and taste to help you get more satisfaction from eating less. For most of human history, food has been scarce, and supplies unpredictable. As a result, humans have been programmed, over m…
Sensa claims that it uses your senses (hence the name ‘Sensa’) of smell and taste to “safely, naturally trigger your body’s “feel full” response so you can lose weight without any uncomfortable or embarrassing side effects.”(Sensa…

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Does the diet stuff called Sensa really work?
Q: I was reading about a weight loss powder called Sensa that you sprinkle on your food.Claims are that you will lose 30 pounds.Sounds too good to be true.Has anyone tried it.Please no spam answers. I’ll report you.
A: If you know correct diet information and way, diet is easy. If you are really serious, you must have easy diet way that works for you. I recommend you my diet way for you. I lost 8 pounds in 30 days and it was very easy. You can do it too. You can find more information from this site
Has anyone every heard of Sensa weight loss supplement or tried it? Seems expensive, does it work?
A: HelloFirst, I understand where you’re coming from.Here’s what I found out after lots of research and trial and error, the hard way.The reality is that there are no shortcuts or easy ways to get in good shape. Sorry, but someone needed to tell you this.As long as you get conscious about what you are doing, you will see the results. Below you will find the four principles that you need to keep in mind in your weight-loss journey. 1.Forget About DietsPeople that go from diet to diet never reach a stable weight, let alone a good shape. The reason is quite simple: diets are, by their very nature, temporary. You can’t expect to eat properly for two or three weeks and fix your weight problems for the rest of the year.2.Proper NutritionIf you want to keep your weight and fat percentage under control, you will need to learn the basics of nutrition. Once you learn them, you will be able to eat healthy throughout the year.3.Physical ExerciseEating healthy and having a caloric deficit will only take you half the way. The other key factor is physical exercise.4.Discipline and PerseveranceYou can start eating healthy and exercising properly, but unless you stick doing it regularly, the results won’t appear (if they do, they won’t last).Discipline and perseverance are key here.If you want to Lose Weight,I can recommend you to check out .It is a great program that helped me.
Does Sensa really work?
Q: Sensa the the weight loss salt thing, does it work?
A: My impression (right or wrong) is that Sensa is just a glorified diet pill.The success rate of diet pills is very low and there may be side effects.
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