How is anxiety disorder treated

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Medicines are available to treat anxiety and may be especially helpful for people whose anxiety is interfering with daily…MORE? [ Source: ]
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How is What is Anxiety Disorders? treated
Treatments for Anxiety Disorders: see treatments for Anxiety Disorders Research for Anxiety Disorders: see research for Anxiety Disorders
Can Anxiety Disorders be treated?
Absolutely, with the best treatments helping sufferers not just with alleviating the physical symptoms, but also controlling their thoughts and getting to the root cause of the anxiety and managing that. This latter point i.e. getting to th…
Can Social Anxiety Disorder be treated!
Yes, of course it can be treated. Social Anxiety Disorder, or Social Phobia (as it was called when my son was diagnosed) can be treated. It seems you may be asking this question for someone else, is that the case? Let me just say, perhap…

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What kind of doctor do I see for social anxiety disorder and how is this disorder treated?
Q: I have suffered from this disorder all my life and am sick and tired of feeling this way. What kind of doctor do I need to see and what kind of medication is used to treat this condition?
A: Medicating social anxiety with drugs alone is a band-aid at best. If you really want to get beyond it, you need to see a mental health therapist (clinical social worker, psychologist, licensed professional counselor, etc…) to gain some cognitive-behavioral skills to deal with your anxiety.Sometimes talk therapy is done with pharmacological intervention as well (prescribed by a psychiatrist). Drugs alone though, are not very successful long-term. Drugs used to treat it these days are usually the SSRIs, such as Prozac. They are generally well tolerated.Comment about “free clinics” for people with social anxiety: They do not exist in my state, so please don’t assume it is available in yours until you check. In some states, those funds are reserved only for people with extremely severe forms of mental illness, such as schizophrenia. There is however, a sliding fee scale for those without insurance.
How can social anxiety disorder be treated for a person who cannot afford therapy?
A: I’m no psychologist but don’t buy their crap… they label people and then prescribe medication… social anxiety disorder can be treated by practicing a bit by bit meeting people with encouragement from family and friends…
Can bipolar and generalized anxiety disorder be treated without meds?
A: No. It would be a very mentally painful thing to try. If meds are giving you problems, then I would try changing meds. Tell you doc that you are having problems and see what other options they can give you.
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