How long does it take for advil to start working

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Most regular advil or any medicine takes about 30 minutes to work, the liquid gels dissolve a little quicker. Thanks for ChaChaing [ Source: ]
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How long does it take for advil to start working
How long does it take for advil to start working? Please post an answer asap! If you are reading this question and you have any ideas I want your answer. Thank you in advance.
How long does it usually take advil to start working??
It feels better today, and I haven’t taken Advil since last night (though it did help after a while). I’ve been icing and running cool water over it, which also helps, and the cure-all to end all cure-alls, nomming chocolate frosting with a…
How long does it take for infant Motrin to start working??
It should start working after about 30 minutes of taking it (or that’s how long it takes for my kids). I will say, in my area the flu is in full force and I’m very concerned for my little ones. My daughter is in pre-k this year and it is wi…

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How long does it take a pill (tablet Tylenol or Advil) to start working for pain?
A: 1/2 to 1 hr depending upon what is in your stomach to start with.
Why does it take so long for advil to work for me?
Q: I took advil liquid gels, and it says to take one, but one never works so I usually take two. So after I take two, it takes around 4 hours for it to start working, and this is every time. I usually only take it once a month when I get period cramps. So since I was 12, I’ve taken two, but back then they worked fairly fast, like half an hr and the pain was gone. Is it because I’m immune or somthing to it? Is that possible because I only take like 4, and thats over a span of two days. Should I switch to something else, because I can’t stand the pain even though its not too bad, just bothersome. By the way, I also try tylenol once in a while, and that never works and never has, so what should I do?
A: Yes, it can mean that you are immune to the medication but I would recommend seeing your doctor for further evaluation of the situation to see what other options are available to help with the pain of your periods.
Why does it take so long for my pain meds to start working???!!!!!?
Q: I have really bad menstrual cramps on the first day my period starts-ALWAYS!!!! Every time I start feeling them coming on I take 2 pamprin AND 2 advil. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hrs to start working and only lasts for a little while. If I don’t realize I have cramps and take them medicine after it starts, I am in really horrible pain!!! I can’t do anything but lay down and moan til the meds kick in an hour later. If I’m in school, OMFG…I won’t even start on that…
A: When I took my daughter to the doctor for the same reason, he gave her a stronger ibuprofen ( anti inflammatory) to start taking a few days before her period to try and get ahead of the problem. Make an appt at the doctor and see if they would suggest something like this for you. If not go to the gynecologist and they can check things out. That will be our next step. There could be something wrong during your period that the gyn can help you with. There is no reason you should be in this much pain.
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