How long does lortab stay in the body

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Lortab has a peak serum concentration of 1.3 hours and a half-life of 3.8 hours, and will stay in your system for about 72 hours. [ Source: ]
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How long does a lortab stay in the body?
1 to 10 days
What does lortab show up as in a drug test?
Lortab (acetaminophen-hydrocodone) Hydrocodone is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. It is similar to codeine…
How long does vicadine stay in your system?
I find it ironic that you put this question in Astronomy and Space. But I don’t know how long vicodin stays in your system. Sorry.

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how long does lortab stay in your body for a urine test?
A: anything you dont want to show up in an urine test can be not detected by first dont do anything 24 hours before anything and hten take with you one of those little bitty packs of salt you sometime can get at restaurants and open in restroom and just 2or3crystals of salt no more cause than to much salt in urine will be detected but put it in urine cup and shake flush evidence pack away. guaranteed!!!
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