How many people have a second miscarriage

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There is a 10-13% chance of miscarriage for those who have experienced a miscarriage during their first pregnancy. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How many people have a second miscarriage
There is a 10-13% chance of miscarriage for those who have experienced a miscarriage during their first pregnancy. ChaCha on!

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How can I avoid a second miscarriage?
Q: I am 38 years with 6 year old son. I had a miscarriage sometime last year and I am currently pregnant and i have been to a doctor and I am also taking some herbal treament I just want to have more ideas on how to prevent a second miscarriage occuring.
A: I had the same concerns, so i relaxed for the first part of it, and now that i can feel my baby everyday and i know that he/she is fully developed i feel safer to be more active.i didn’t;lift anything, i mean anythingi didn’t walk to muchi tried not to get to stressed outi ate good foodi refused a papand i prayed lots
I just had my second miscarriage in two years what are the chances of a third happening?
Q: I have a 41/2 year old son and we have been trying for 3 years for a second child. I have gotten pregnant twice in the past two years and both times ended in miscarriage. What are the chances of a third one happening.
A: i would go to my doctor and tell him/her how i would like to have a baby and take all the precautions necessary to have a child..with each miscarriage it leaves behind scared tissue i had to tell my doctor about mine and i was watch carefully and told how what to look out for..i have had 2 children since that and have a total of 3 but it sounds like to me that your body isn’t doing what it is supposed to and maybe you need to get a doctors feelings on what could be causing this..with each and every time you go through this you are putting your body through alot and it makes it hard on you..along with the thought of the loss of of baby so i would suggest you make an appointment with your obygn and talk to them about what your possibilities are and your history and where you want to go from here, and what it will take you to have a little one
How long did you bleed with your second miscarriage?
Q: So I had a miscarriage for the second time. This one was so different from the first. My question is how long did you bleed? From the time that I found out I was pregnant I was bleeding throughout. At first it was light and brown… until my second blood test and ultasound. Nothing was visable… Then I bleed extremly heavy for about 2 weeks… Its slowly going away… But could I be pregnant again??? anyhow, how long did you bleed with your first miscarriage… was it different the second time? Did you try again for a third time and deliver successfully? Did you ever find out what the cause was for the two miscarriages in a row???Thanksmy first miscarriage i was 7 weeks… and bled for 2 months I believe… With this one, the dr couldnt see a sac or anything… So was what I had (the bleeding heavy) my period? Or from the miscarriage??? Its so hard to tell….
A: My first miscarriage – I was 7 weeks and bled for 8 days and heavy for maybe 4 of those days. My second miscarriage was at 5-6 weeks and about 7 days of bleeding with 3 heavy days. The miscarriages were in August and December of last year. Both were unplanned pregnancies. Still working on trying to get pregnant again, but no luck so far. (Probably because we’re trying.) No idea what caused either, but I was thinking either a) antibiotics I was taking both times for sinus infections and/or b) I have fibroids. Good luck to you! Hopefully we’ll both get there soon!
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