How many times do you have to do it laser hair removal

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Some areas can be treated just once, but others take more treatments due to the coarse nature of the hair, and the amount of hair. [ Source: ]
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Laser Hair Removal In Oregon: EVERY time I shave I get razor burn…?
I get razor burn on my legs almost every time I shave and then when I shave my bikini area the same thing happens. Laser Hair Removal In Oregon I have super sensitive skin and hair removal creams don’t work for me. Should I laser down the…
How far apart in time should laser hair removal treatments be giv…?
Because the hair removal laser is only effective on actively growing hair follicles, treatments should be spaced apart so that the hair follicles in the area have time to begin growing again. If the treatment is given too soon, that particu…
Can LaserDermology be done at the same time I’m having laser hair…?
You may be able to schedule LaserDermology treatments between your laser hair removal procedures. Please consult with your physician.

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laser hair removal how many times?
Q: I’ve gotten laser hair removal done on my legs 3 times. The lady puts the power on 20 and she told me it goes all the way up to 60. Even when it is on 20 I feel pain so I cant imagine 60. But i heard the higher the power the sooner you’ll get rid of your hair. My question is how many times on average does it take to get rid of all the hair. I dont want to go 10 times and get no results. my bikini area is lessening though.
A: It usually takes about 4 or 5 times. But its not the higher the power the sooner you get rid of hair. It just takes longer since you are growing. If you went to high you would get blisters on your mouth and nobody wants that.
How much does laser hair removal cost and how many times do you have to do it to get full results?
A: u may have to take 6 to 10 sittings depends on the thickness of hair.cost depends on the area covered for treatment
Do laser hair removal really work thinking of getting it done on my arms. How many times would I have to go?
Q: Have sensative skin so can’t use creams or things like that, and I am afraid to shave it, I don’t want it to grow back darker and thicker. Thank you for your great advice
A: For how many times it would depend on your goals. For laser hair removal to work, the follicle must be in the active growth phase. Generally you can treat 95-99% of the hair in 4-6 Tx. The first treatment destroys the greatest % of the follicles and then it declines from there. I know people who have had just 1 treatment on their arms and they were so happy with the thinned out version that they didn’t get any more treatments.The attached sites have more info.
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