How much does botox cost

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The cost of Botox is $200 – $300 for each area injected. Expect to pay this amount every six months to maintain your result. Cha! [ Source: ]
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Don’t listen to those negative people. Botox is wonderful. The costs vary considerably from $150 to $650 per area. Alternatively, some doctors charge $10 to $15 per cc. If you are thinking about having it done, please only consult people wh…
Botox Cosmetic is a dose dependent drug, like most other drugs. It is usually priced by the number of units used. For example, a patient who is 40 years old may benefit from 30 units, while another 40 year old patient may benefit from 75 un…
Each round of injections costs $400. Many patients prefer periodic Botox treatments rather than cosmetic surgery, such as a facelift, to help them look younger.

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How much does botox cost in los angeles?
Q: and do you have any recommendations?
A: I’m with the first answerer on this one haha.heres what i found.”The results of Botox are, in medical terms, “dose dependent”. This dose is measured in units. This means that the greater dose administered, the more profound the result will be. I have found it more useful, and more straightforward for the patient, to charge by the unit.The typical cost of Botox in my area is $15-$20 per unit. For treatment of a single area such as the glabella, the average dose is roughly 20 units, depending on the level of activity, muscle strength, etc. of the individual patient.In years past, I charged for Botox by the area. However, it was my impression that this method implied a specific result to some patients. If a patient wanted to have no activity at all in an area, more Botox would be required than was accounted for in the pricing. So, for the sake of better understanding, my method of pricing was adjusted and my patient population generally prefers this method.”This is a really good website i found for you.
How much does botox cost?
Q: on average how much do botox injections cost for armpits?
A: 1. Don’t get botox2. Don’t get botox in your freaking armpits.
I am thinking of getting BOTOX and collagen in my lip(s). How much does it COST out of pocket?
Q: I live in Michigan. I am wondering how much getting a couple shots of BOTOX and collagen in my lips will cost out of pocket. Does anyone have any experiences that they can share?I assume that I will need to 1) get a dermatologist referal from my doctor (one that is certified in botox and collagen) 2) see the dermatologist for the procedure 3) pay.How much does it cost?Thanks!
A: The price of Botox and dermal fillers such as collagen can vary greatly. Some of the factors that are taken into consideration are the number of areas you are going to get injected and what the going rate is in your area. The Botox may run you about $500 and the the collagen injection will be about the same. You may have trouble finding a doctor that actually uses collagen injections these days. It is more common to use a hylauronic acid such as Restylane for lip augmentation. While this is more expensive than the traditional collagen, these newer injectables boast that they are longer lasting and produce a better result. Many dermatologist offices will not require a referral from you primary care doctor for cosmetic procedures. You may ask your primary for his/her opinion about who they would recommend just to find out who is respected in your area but as I said, it probably won’t be required. Your best bet is to start calling around, many places will be able to give you a ballpark estimate of what to expect.
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