How much is Invisalign

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It can start in the ballpark of $3,500 and go up from there. The national average for Invisalign (in U.S. dollars) is about $5,000. Depends on your health situation. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Invisalign is the same price as traditional braces, sometimes. Because if you go to a general dentist they may charge less money than an orthodontist. But if your dental insurance has coverage for braces then you will have to take that into…
Ask your orthodontist about Red White & Blue braces, it’s the exact same as Invisalign and it’s a fraction of the cost. I have Red White & Blue braces and with my insurance it’s only $400. Invisalign would have cost a lot more (even…
As with the traditional braces, the dentists or the orthodontists are the ones who have the authority in setting prices for an Invisalign treatment.  Nevertheless, the patient’s power lies in the capacity to choose.  Given the different pri…

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How much does invisalign cost and how well does it work?
Q: My teeth are all straight except one and i have a slight overbite but i dont want to have the ‘metal mouth’ look of braces… so how much does invisalign cost… and does it work?
A: at our office we charge 5000 it depends really on how your teeth look now and what state you live in
How much would Invisalign be with cash in hand?
Q: My teeth are perfectly straight but I have a little gap between my two front teeth but it is noticeable. I also have a slight overbite but it doesn’t bother me as much as the gap. How much do you think invisalign would cost with cash in hand?
A: Most orthodontists will give you a free consultation and tell you how much it would be for Invisalign or traditional braces. My invisalign cost $4000, and that was for about an 8 month treatment plan (not including the retaining portion after they were straightened).Invisalign usually costs considerably more than traditional and there are other downsides as well that you might consider before making a choice. No one ever tells you what the negatives are (there are many positive aspects to invisalign) so I wrote them out a while back. In case it helps:
How much do conventional braces cost? Considering the price difference with Invisalign and others?
Q: I’m very interested in invisalign yet cannot find a dentist that will perform it for a low price. $7000 is the highest i got. $4000 or so would be ideal. How much are tradional braces? I heard they are much less expensive. I would consider them but only if the wear time is less than a year like i was quoted with invisalign. I only need minor spacing done.
A: Well, the time your treatment will last depends on the corrections that need to be made, braces usually cost $4000 and last for two years or more depending the case, sometimes they last for a year…if you need minor correction I would recommend invisilign, is more convenient, faster and effective, though more expensive but if it is only minor correction that’ll do it .
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