How quickly can you develop a food allergy

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Most food allergies start in childhood & can develop at any time in a person’s life Possible to develop a food allergy as an adult [ Source: ]
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How quickly can you develop a food allergy
Most food allergies start in childhood & can develop at any time in a person’s life Possible to develop a food allergy as an adult
How Food Allergies Develop
Let me ask you a question. In the morning when you wake up, do you leap out of bed full of energy ready to tackle a new day? Or do you dread hearing the sound of the alarm clock, struggle to open your eyes, and then slowly stumble your w…
Why have I developed food allergy?
Heredity seems to be the prime reason some people have allergies and others don’t. If both your parents have allergies, you have approximately a 75% chance of being allergic. If one parent is allergic, or you have relatives on one side with…

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I think my daughter is developing a food allergy?
Q: Ok, my daughter is 8 years old and LOVES tomatoes. She has never, ever had an issue with them..or anything resembling them. Last nite we made spaghetti….within 5 min of eating she broke out in a rash on her side. After putting Hydrocortosone cream on it it was gone within a few minutes. Tonite we had leftover spaghetti for dinner and she developed a rash on her hand that quickly spread to her armpit. My husband and I got to thinking maybe she was allergic to tomaotoes…but then decided no becasue she had 2 slices today at lunch with ehr grilled cheese. And yesterday my mom bought ehr pizza and she was fine. So then we got to thinking maybe it was the brand of spaghetti sauce. It wasn’t the brand we usually get and we thought maybe there was an ingredient she cnt have. Her rash went away. Earlier I was drinking V8 VFusion. It is fruit and vegetable juice. Alexis drank a few sips from my cupa nd ended up breaking out on her chest. So..I figured it had to be tomotoes. For an experiment we gave her 2 slices of tomotes as her snack. She was rash. She drank more of my drink? and broke out again. So…..what could be going on? Is it possible to have a reaction to tomato juices and sauces but not the fruit? What would make that happen? How can we be sure and could this be leading up to a full on allergy? Why after 8 years of no probs? It jsut doesn’t make sense. Can anyone help?That’s what I don’t understand. I am highly allergic to tree nuts..I can’t be around them whatsoever. I have gone into shock and my throat has closed. Hers, never did that. I do know there was one day that I didn;t eat the nut..but I had come in contact and I broke out. but Alexis is eating the tomatoes and sauces. So am I fortunate that a rash is all she gets? Or could this potentially develop into a more severe reaction? Or is this something different we are dealing with altogether?
A: everyone with food allergies reacts differently and that reaction can change over time. I would just carefully read the labels of the things you know that she’s had a reaction to. She could be allergic to spices or additives that are in both. If you want to find out for sure what she is allergic to I would recommend the ELISA blood test for allergies, it’s the best test out there for determining allergies. Scratch or patch testing are both very inaccurate. good luck
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