How to fix a lazy eye

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A lazy eye, or amblyopia, is usually treated with glasses, drops, eye patches, vision therapy, or a combination of methods. It’s not something one can fix at home — it must be treated by a doctor. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How to fix a lazy eye?
Theres quite a lot of options you could consider. Mainly lazy eyes, or squints, are corrected during childhood by patching, in which you’r good eye is covered with a patch to encourage your lazy eye to work harder, and therefore becomes s…
What is Lazy Eye?
Lazy eye is a condition where the vision in one of the eyes is reduced. The reduction in vision in one eye occurs when the brain favors the other eye Lazy eye is very common. It affects about 2 or 3 out of every 100 children in the United S…
What causes lazy eye?
Anything that causes a child’s eyes to cross or turn outward, or something that blurs their vision can provoke lazy eye. Below are examples of some possible causes: An imbalance in the muscles that position the eye – strabismus – causing th…

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Can you fix a lazy eye at the age of 25?
Q: I have had a lazy since i was younger. I remeber having surgery when i was younger but the problem is stil here. Now that i am older can i have my lazy eye fixed. I want my eyes to be straight.
A: I would definitely to another kind of eye doctor and they should beable to fix you up so the problem goes away!!! I have really bad eyes so i kind of understand what your going thru!!! I hoped this helped tho good luck!!! stay tuned at my website for fashion and beauty at thanks!!!
How to fix a lazy eye with Photoshop?
Q: How do you fix a lazy eye with Photoshop?
A: i guess you could try to lasso your other eye and copy+paste onto the other eye (unless they are both lazy eyes)After that, use the clone stamp tool (first hold alt and click the white part of your eye) and get rid of the lazy eye. Or you could do that first, same thing
How can glasses fix a lazy eye?
Q: How can glasses fix a lazy eye?If I were to need a new prescription for my glasses, would that be a reason for a lazy eye to return or to get worse?
A: i have a lazy eye, a pretty bad one in fact, i have worn glasses since i was 18 months old (i’m now 18) and no one knows unless i tell them. Glasses allow the eyes to work together instead of one on one..
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