How to heal canker sores

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Dilute one part hydrogen peroxide with one part water. Use a Q-tip to dab mixture on the canker sore. Next, dab a little (more?) [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Wash your hands with soap and warm or hot water. ・ 2 Rinse your mouth out / gargle with a warm salt-water mixture. Make sure to use a heavily salted water-… ・ 3 Take salt or lemon juice and apply directly to the sore. It will burn ini…
・ Use an over-the-counter medicine such as Oragel specifically for sores and oral pain. Keep it in your… ・ Use an ice cube. Make the sore a little wet by running it under water for a moment because otherwise… ・ Continue this for a few d…
You can try all of these but buying a tube of orabase with benzocaine will help. You no longer need a prescription for it. Just dab some on the sore using a q-tip after meals and before you go to bed. The benzocaine will numb the sore and t…

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What is the fastest way to heal canker sores?
Q: I have 5 of them, 3 on my lower lip and 2 on my gums :(They hurt really badly, but I’m using Zilactin-B to fight off the pain. I’m also swishing my mouth with salt water.How long do canker sores last and how can I heal them as fast as possible? Brushing my teeth hurts like hell, should I put the Zilactin-B on my sores BEFORE or AFTER I brush? or maybe both?
A: you should gargle with salt water. it may sting but it usually reduces the pain.
What’s the best thing to do to heal canker sores?
Q: I have had canker sores for about a month or a little more. They aren’t the same canker sores from the beginning though. It started it one area, those healed, then more formed, then those went away and more different ones formed. I’m really tired of them. I’m going on vacation this coming weekend, and I really don’t want the pain to ruin my vacation. What is the best thing to do to speed up the healing of these???
A: Gargle some warm (not hot) salt water in your mouth to help bring them down. I would use at least 1 tsp. of salt per each cup of water. Just take a nice big sip and swish it all over your mouth for a few seconds and then do it again, till the cup is empty. Do this twice a day for about 2 days (if that) and they should heal quickly. Also, if they’re painful, get some Oragel and just apply it to the spots. If you find that you’re getting these on a regular basis you might want to go see a doctor. I don’t think it’s uncommon to get them once in a while, but I do think it might be something you want to talk to your doctor about if you’re getting them pretty frequently and it’s more than one. I knew a girl who used to get them from stress- if this is the case, they might need to work with you to help you tone down your stress levels. Also, using a mouthwash at night might keep you from getting them as frequently. This is just a guess.. but it couldn’t hurt!! Good luck, and I hope they heal before your trip!
What can help heal canker sores, without medicine?
Q: I have a canker sore, and I want it to heal without taking medicine.Is it true if you put salt on it , it will heal faster?Also, Can it heal faster by eating more fruits?Are there any good medicine too?Not too expensive, in answers can you put how much it will cost in Canadian dollars?
A: Warm salt water helps a bit. I wouldn’t recommend putting salt directly on it, it probably wouldn’t feel very good. Also, I doubt that eating more fruits will help… The only way I can see it helping is the fruits keep your immune system strong which in turn helps it combat the canker sore.
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